Classic Motorcycle Touring

Tulsa, Oklahoma (and the Green Country)

Take a ride in the Green Country near Tulsa, Oklahoma

May/June 2021 Calendar

Check out this listing of upcoming motorcycle meets and events for May and June 2021.

The MV Agusta Museum

Travel with us to Cascina Costa di Samarate, Italy, the home of an amazing collection of MV Agusta motorcycles, helicopters and more.

Touring British Columbia’s Hot Springs

Robert Smith takes us on a tour of British Columbia’s Hot Springs aboard his 1982 Laverda 1200 TS Mirage.

On Any Sunday: More than a Film — A Game Changer for Motorcycling

More than just a film, On Any Sunday was a game changer for motorcycling.

Elsinore Grand Prix Tribute Mural

Visit the Elsinore Grand Prix Tribute Memorial in Lake Elsinore, California.

A Santa Cruz Mountains Loop, California

Take a ride on a Santa Cruz Mountains Loop in California.

March/April 2021 Calendar

Check out this list of upcoming motorcycle events, including shows, swap meets, and much more!

Honda’s Nicest People 1966 Ad

Check out the fascinating history behind one of the most iconic and successful Honda ads.

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

Journey to the site of a little-known American tragedy in southeastern Colorado, now memorialized as a national historic site.

Travels Near and Far

Read about one editor's experience riding down to Lindsborg, Kansas, and seeing its hidden attractions.

Memorabilia — More Than Just Trinkets and Trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially if you chronicle your keepsakes for posterity.

November-February Motorcycle Ride Calendar

Where to go and what to do.

La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

Visit La Purisima Mission State Historic Park in Lompoc, California.

Plan That Trip

Learn about how now is the perfect time to start planning trips for next year. A couple of behind the- scenes adventures top our list.

Behind Closed Doors: Harley-Davidson Museum’s Archives

Go behind the scenes with a visit to the Harley-Davidson Archives.

Magic Mountains: In Search of the Olympics on a 1970 Bonneville

Motojournalist Robert Smith goes in search of the Olympic Mountains aboard his 1970 Bonneville.

Rides and Destinations: Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

Make a stop on the Pacific Coast Highway midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in the Santa Lucia Mountains to visit and tour the historic Hearts Castle.

Ontario Speedway: From Big O to Big Zer-0

California’s Ontario Motor Speedway known as the Big “O” is dozed back in 1981 to make way for city development.

Take it to the Limit: A Motorcycle Documentary with No Bounds

Above all others, Take it to the Limit and On Any Sunday are considered motorcycle documentary classics today.

Looking Forward

Read one founding editor's experience with The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in 2018 and his hopes for future motorcycle rides.

Time to Ride

Read this letter from the editor in chief of Motorcycle Classics about his short motorcycle rides out in the countryside.

Rides & Destinations: Golden Spike National Historic Park

Check out this profile on the Golden Spike National Historic Park in Brigham City, Utah.

Marty Moates does Good at Carlsbad

Look back on Marty Moates and the United States round of the 500cc motocross Grand Prix World Championship.

Cheating Death and the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca

Twenty years of indifference to motorsports ended on July 20, 2008.

Harley-Davidson XR-750 Stop-Gap Racer

The iron-clad Harley-Davidson XR-750 was only a stop-gap model, but proved to be a great investment following the success of the alloy version.

Rides & Destinations: Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, New Mexico

The Aztec Ruins National Monument is one of the best parts of riding through a culturally rich and scenic area of the country.

For the Love of Fiddy

Attempting a land-speed record on a 1963 Honda CA110 at the Bonneville Flats in memory of a friend.

Old Motorcycle Parts and Passion

Classic bikes are fun to ride and relatively easy to maintain, if you can find the parts. For owners of something like the Honda CB400T Hawk, this is often easier said than done.

The Classic Superbike Racing Association

The Classic Superbike Racing Association aims to put the sights and sounds of the early ’80s back on the track.

Rides & Destinations: The Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington

The largest private air and space museum in the world, the Museum of Flight is worth a full day of exploration, and the ride to it can be amazing.

Thinking Spring

The editor goes on one of the last great rides of fall on his Norton while keeping winter repairs and projects in mind for spring rides.

Two of the Same: 1983 and 1984 Laverda RGS

The founding editor acquires another Laverda RGS, this time a 1984 model, and finds that while it's similar to the 1983 bike, it's also quite different.

Ricky Graham’s Miracle Mile

Looking back on Ricky Graham’s historic Mile lap in 1984 at the Springfield oval at the Illinois Fairgrounds.

Rides & Destinations: Princeton Battlefield State Park, New Jersey

Rich in historical significance, the Princeton Battlefield State Park and surrounding areas are also a great ride through green fields and forests.

Riding Royal Enfields in Baja

Joe Berk and a friend tour through Baja south to Guerrero Negro to see whales and to review the new Royal Enfield INT650.

The Long and Winding Road to Victory

It took Don Emde more than 200 miles of racing on a Yamaha TR3 to win Daytona in 1972 against steep odds.

World’s Best: The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

The founder of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum near Birmingham, Alabama, gives a rare interview to Alan Cathcart.

Rides & Destinations: Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

If you visit Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, make sure you take in the local cuisine at Amores and Malinalli Sabores Autóctonos.

Down and Dirty in Arizona

A vintage AHRMA racing weekend with two of the cruelest and most medieval bikes ever devised: the OSSA Stiletto and Yamaha MX125.

Doug Domokos the Wheelie King

Remembering Doug Domokos, who set a world record for riding 145 miles on one wheel, and became one of motorcycling’s most colorful characters.

Vintage Bikes Are Cool. The People Are Cooler

The founding editor shares his highlights of the Motorcycle Classics Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway, which included old bikes and guest of honor Dain Gingerelli.

The Ride of the Summer

Back from the 4th Annual Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway, the editor talks about several bikes he spent time on and his favorite ride of the weekend.

Using Endurance Racing to Go Full Circle

Honda goes racing to not only win championships, but to also accomplish the necessary research and development for a new 750.

Rides & Destinations: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona

Stunning but also dangerous if you’re not careful, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is worth visiting if you’re in Arizona.

Bad Astra Per Aspera: The Sea Beast Finale

Motorcycle Classics ad man Shane Powers takes his Honda CB350 “Sea Beast” to the race track.

Rides & Destinations: Petrified Forest National Park

Visit Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona for spectacular views of ancient structures, but avoid trying to take anything out of the park.

The Honor Guard at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Two Matchless G80 CS singles, towed with an Austin-Healey 100-6 and a vintage Allstate trailer, make a road run for The Quail.

Pillion to Pilot: A New Point of View

A new rider shares her experiences in taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training course.

Bullets Over Bhutan

In 1997, Robert Smith joined one of the first motorcycle tours through the quiet Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

The Bike Made Me Do It

Sometimes a motorcycle talks to you, like when a Triumph T100C spoke to Editor Landon Hall during last year's Getaway in Pennsylvania, you have to listen.

Looking for the Right Bike

The founding editor needed to find something reliable that could be ridden daily to preserve the Laverda RGS and BMW R75/5, but what to get?

Learning Curves on the Training Course

The founding editor recalls his first motorcycling experiences after watching the editor of our sister publications acquire her motorcycle license under a far different process.

Onwards and Sideways

The new editor for Motorcycle Classics, Landon Hall, talks about this year's shows, his early days with the magazine and the Honda CB750 he wishes he never let go.

Rides & Destinations: Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona

A thrilling ride, the climb to Kitt Peak National Observatory is filled with twisties, cactus and abundant wildlife. Just watch out for jaguars.

Randy Mamola: Four Seconds to Greatness

Sometimes before you become a winner, you have to lose something — four times in fan favorite and philanthropist Randy Mamola’s case.

Shifting Gears

It’s been a satisfying ride the past 14 years, but the time has come for Editor Backus to turn the controls of Motorcycle Classics over to someone else.

The Way We Weren’t in ’73

Rediscovered photos evoke stories from a 1973 tour of California aboard a Kawasaki Z-1. No GPS, fancy tank bags or waterproof riding gear.

A Harley by Any Other Name is Still a Harley

Remembering the four-time Grand Prix World Championship-winning Harley-Davidson RR250/350.

Rest in Peace, Patrick Godet

Renowned Vincent restorer and expert Patrick Godet’s attention to detail and enthusiasm brought him customers from around the globe.

Forward Motion as a Community

Motorcycle Classics magazine is staying the same, but we’re embracing our other communities in a new way in 2019.

Rides & Destinations: Mesa Verde National Park

There’s plenty to see in Mesa Verde National Park with over 40 miles of roads with scenic turnouts and well-preserved ancient structures.

Classic Japanese Bikes Come of Age

British and American motorcycles might have more loyal and enthusiastic supporters, but Japanese bikes represent a unique era of motorcycle history.

More Than Skinned-Up Bones

Looking back on the career of the seemingly invincible David Aldana, who walked away from all sorts of crashes but was also a capable racer.

Vintage Boat Cross: Bikes in a Boat

Two friends, a Honda SL90, a Honda CT90, a Chrysler Sport Fury, and a trail on the other side of a lake. Enter the boat pickup!

Rides & Destinations: Sandy Hook, the Atlantic Highlands, and the Gateway National Recreation Area

For a change of pace, visit the Atlantic Highlands, Gateway National Recreation Area and more along the Jersey shore.

Travels Into Philanthropy: Neale Bayly Rides Keeps On Riding!

Motojournalist and philanthropist Neale Bayly continues his mission of showing motorcyclists helping those in need.

Tempting Fate: Around the World on Ducati 175 Tourismos

Before Ewan and Charley, two Italian youths named Leopoldo Tartarini and Giorgio Monetti rode Ducati 175 Tourismos across five continents.

Learning Curves

The editor’s Laverda RGS 1000 is back on the road, after a bit of a learning curve, but it gets easier from here right?

Steel Shoes Steal the Show

Steel shoes on the race track were slow to catch on until every flat track racer’s left foot was inside one, thanks to several clever racers.

Rides and Destinations: The Nethercutt Museum and Collection

Boasting 250 vintage automobiles, the Nethercutt Museum and Collection also features a collection of vintage furniture and vintage musical instruments.

Thinking Small, Take Two

Riding various small bikes at Rockerbox, Motoblot and Vintage Motorcycle Days once again reminds Editor Backus just how fun small bikes can be.

Rides and Destinations: New Hope, Pennsylvania

The ride in and around New Hope, Pennsylvania is a great one, filled with beautiful little towns, rolling hills and Revolutionary War history.

Thinking Small Can Bring Big Benefits

Motorcycles have been getting bigger over the decades as riders have become more horsepower obsessed, but there’s another way to get more power, and that’s with less.

Classic Scene: Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Checking out the new Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum, which had its grand opening in the spring of 2018 in Burnet, Texas.

40 Years Ago: Mike “The Bike” Hailwood’s Isle of Man Comeback

Remembering Mike Hailwood’s legendary 1978 Isle of Man Formula 1 victory on the Sports Motorcycles Ducati 900SS.

Rides & Destinations: Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway

The ride between two destinations in the Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway features Historic Vernal, Utah, and the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Riding an MZ Across the US: Foreword

The first chapter of Kim Scholer's cross-country trip begins in Los Angeles, California, on board a 1974 MZ motorcycle.

Behind the Vintage Tour Cross

It’s more than just jumping on a bike and heading down the road.

Back in the Shop

The editor is determined to get more miles in 2018, but first he’ll need to fix his bikes.

Rides & Destinations: Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area

The Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area is a geological gem and one of Southern California’s best kept secrets.

Dan Gurney, 1931-2018: An American Hero

Dain Gingerelli remembers Dan Gurney, who left a big impression on a budding moto-journalist.

Peter Starr Takes it to the Limit for Charity

Motorcycle filmmaker Peter Starr is offering special editions of his book to fund the Healing Arts Education Foundation.

Looking Back

The editor pays tribute to Dan Gurney, Bruce Brown and Nobby Clark.

Northwest by Norton: A Short Ride the Long Way

A group riding Norton Commandos go the long way around the Pacific Northwest to the International Norton Owners Association rally.

It Don’t Come Easy: Vintage Tour Cross

Three friends set off on a 350-mile California dirt-bike tour, with a motocross race at the end.

Rides & Destinations: Grand Teton National Park

Summers are marvelous at Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding area.

Behind The Longest Hour: The Hagerty Insurance 2017 Barber Bike Build

Finding race-eligible bikes at Barber and fixing them to race was no easy feat. So what did we learn?

RIP, Nobby Clark, Mechanic to the Stars

Remembering legendary motorcycle tuner and mechanic Nobby Clark.

Ahead to the Past

Motorcycle manufacturers look forward with an eye on the rearview mirror as old becomes cool again.

The Longest Hour: Racing Rickman Dirt Bikes at Barber

John L. Stein and Randy Pobst buy a pair of Rickman dirt bikes at the Barber swap meet, fix them, then race them the same weekend.

Kenny Roberts, King of the World

Looking back on the reign of Kenny Roberts and his 500cc class win, way back in 1978.

Rides & Destinations: The Owen Collection

Visit The Owen Vintage Motorcycle Collection in Walnut, California, but be sure to call for an appointment first.

Motoauct Vintage Motorcycle Auction Website Now Live

Registered users can take advantage of free listings on for the first 60 days for motorcycles 25 years or older.

Moto Streaking Across the Mojave Desert

Racing on the Mojave Desert wearing only a helmet, gloves and boots in the mid-1970s

Rest in Peace, Jack Silverman

Remembering respected motorcycle restorer Jack Silverman, who passed away in August 2017.

Switching Roles as a Motorcyclist Parent

Editor Backus finds himself in a familiar yet unexpected position as his children start hitting the road on two wheels.

Rides & Destinations: Pinnacles National Park, California

Pinnacles National Park boasts rocky formations, cliffs, hiking trails and abundant wildlife.

Mederski Named AMF President

In its recent annual board meeting, the Antique Motorcycle Foundation Inc. unanimously elected longtime industry veteran Mark Mederski as its next president.

Crusty Norton Commando

A Norton Commando 850 Hi-rider didn’t come in ideal condition, but where’s the fun in that?

The MotoDoffo Collection and Doffo Winery

Father and son Marcelo and Damian Doffo have a passion for wine and vintage Italian motorcycles.

Rides & Destinations: Iron Horse Social Club & Museum

Pay a visit to the Iron Horse Social Club & Museum in Savanna, Illinois, on the Mississippi River.

Motorcycle Therapy with a Yamaha Santa Barbara

Author John L. Stein spends $50 on a 1964 Yamaha Santa Barbara and a dream that won’t quit.

Pops Yoshimura — The Father of Superbike Speed

Remembering Yoshimura Research & Development founder and legendary tuner Pops Yoshimura.

Evel Knievel Museum Opens at Historic Topeka Harley-Davidson

The new Evel Knievel Thrill Show Museum features an amazing two floors of Knievel memorabilia.

Clark Stewart’s Classic Bikes

A reader shares his stable of classic rides, including a Norton Fastback.

Rides and Destinations: Deals Gap, North Carolina

Deals Gap, near the southern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is a motorcyclist's dream.

Trouble in the Shop

Editor Backus learns that experience and inclination are the difference between a competent mechanic and a merely average one.

Laguna Seca: The Early Days

A look back at the Happening’s origins in the early Seventies.

Rides & Destinations: The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Twisting roads, magnificent views and waterfalls: The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has it all.

Spreading the Gospel of Grease: Moto Guild Chicago

Anders Carlson visits Moto Guild Chicago, a new communal motorcycle workspace.

G.I. Joe Racers: Racing Honda Motorcycles in Japan

Three young Americans serving in Japan raced Honda motorcycles with sponsorship from Honda Motors.

Motorcycling Loses a Giant: RIP, John Surtees

Famed motorcycle and car racer John Surtees passes away at age 83.

Rides and Destinations: Flint Hills, Kansas

On the first Sunday from March to November, Cassoday, Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills, wakes up in a big way.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Since motorcyclists accounted for approximately 13 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in 2015, safety should be on the minds of all riders regardless of experience or type of bike. We offer some tips from Farmers Insurance to help riders avoid accidents.

Rides and Destinations: Lake Elsinore, California

The best part of Lake Elsinore, California, is getting there by Route 74, also known as the Ortega Highway.

Funkalicious: The Superbowl of Motocross

Held in the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Yamaha Superbowl of Motocross was a race like no other.

Riding Across Australia on a Yamaha XV1000

Neale Bayly tells the tale of riding across Australia in 1987 aboard a 1982 Yamaha XV1000.

Rides & Destinations: Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming is the first U.S. national monument and instantly recognizable.

Racer Profile: Wes and Leah Orloff

Meet WFO Racing, comprised of Wes and Leah Orloff and Dale Coffman.

Rides & Destinations: The Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, from Cambria to Carmel, is 100 miles of motorcycling nirvana.

Of Brakes and Valves on Classic Motorcycles

Editor Backus looks forward to repairs on his 1973 BMW R75/5 and his 1983 Laverda RGS.

Flat Out, Face Down: Land Speed Racing’s Early Years

Remembering the beginnings of land speed racing with Bonneville racer Bud Hare.

“Granddaddy” Joe Smith: Motorcycle Drag Racing’s First Superstar

Chronicling the motorcycle drag racing career of a three-time NHRA National winner.

On the Road, Gravel and Paved, in 2016

Editor Backus looks back on the past year and to getting more miles on his BMW R75/5 in 2017.

Rides & Destinations: Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is 652,488 acres of stunning beauty in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Rides & Destinations: Glendora Ridge Road, Southern California

Glendora Ridge Road offers incredible riding and scenery, but be careful of bears, tarantulas and snakes.

The Quest: 1983 Suzuki GS750E

Riding a 1983 Suzuki GS750E from Bettendorf, Iowa, to Apex, North Carolina.

On Three Wheels: Learning to Ride a Sidecar Rig

A sidecar rig can be useful and fun, but taking a course can be invaluable and far less expensive than a new ride.

Punctuation Marks: Making the Most out of Mishaps

Editor Backus explains why road trips devoid of unexpected deviations are almost forgettable.

Looking into the Hourglass: Keith Campbell's Motorcycle Collection

Vintage motorcycle racing legend Keith Campbell gives us a tour of his "barn" filled with timeless bikes.

The Road Goes on Forever: Exploring the Texas Hill Country

Riding a 1975 Norton Commando 850 and a 1948 Vincent Rapide through the Texas Hill Country with friends.

Rides & Destinations: The Tillamook Air Museum

Take in the Tillamook Air Museum by way of the Oregon Coast Highway for a full day of exhibits and riding.

Cuba Motorcycle Tour

With travel restrictions loosening, Mototouring has organized a Cuba motorcycle tour in December 2016.

The Accidental Buyer of a 1973 BMW R75/5

Editor Backus wasn't looking for another BMW R75/5, but somehow it seemed to find him.

Rides & Destinations: Manzanar National Historic Site

The area makes for great motorcycle riding, but it also serves as a reminder of what misguided politicians can do.

Turbocharged Days: Testing Turbocharged Bikes in the Seventies

Dain Gingerelli reminisces about riding turbocharged bikes with top 1970s drag racers.

Bonhams Announces the Robert White Collection

Rare motorcycles, motor cars, watches and cameras are to be sold for a charitable cause.

Rides & Destinations: Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas, Nevada

Next time you're in Sin City, visit the treasure trove of racing motorcycles at Red Rock Harley-Davidson.

Miss Camel Pro Series — Lynn Griffis

Looking back at Lynn Griffis' years as Miss Camel Pro Series.

Racer Profile: Ron Mousouris

After scratching the vintage motorcycle racing itch, Ron Mousouris found success as a series champion.

High Expectations of the 2016 Riding Season

This year's riding season is sure to be a good one if the first few months are any indication.

On the Road Again

The editor is gearing up for several road trips this season, including the Motorcycle Classics Ride 'Em, Don't Hide 'Em Getaway in August.

Mad Hatter: Dudley Perkins

Remembering Dudley Perkins and Harley-Davidson racer Cal Rayborn at Ontario Motor Speedway in 1971.

Motorcycle Authentication

Motorcycle historian and Ducati expert Ian Falloon shares his tips on motorcycle authentication.

Of Pride and Pointlessness: Amateur Racing a 1974 Honda CB360

After a beer-fueled debate with friends about the worst bikes ever, Anders Carlson was the proud new owner of a 1974 Honda CB360 with plans to go racing. What could go wrong?

Rides & Destinations: Utah State Routes 12 and 24

Utah State Routes 12 and 24 are about as good as it gets with vibrant colors and stunning geological formations.

Florida to Alaska on a 1973 Honda CB550: The Summer of 1986

Writer Neale Bayly takes us along for the ride aboard an unloved 1973 Honda CB550.

Racer Profile: AHRMA Racer Arthur Kowitz

Commercial real estate broker and property manager Arthur Kowitz's fascination with electric motorcycles went all the way to the racetrack.

Rides & Destinations: Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Among the reasons to visit Salmon Arm, British Columbia, is a motorcycle museum.

Taking It to the Streets

The real draw of the 1977 Long Beach AMA race wasn't Barry Sheene or Gary Nixon, but the race course itself.

Man Breaks Solo Cannonball Motorcycle Record from LA to NYC in 38 Hours, 49 Minutes

Planned documentary to showcase cannonball-record breaking trip footage and highlight the history of U.S. transcontinental records.

Light My Fire, Baby! Remembering Harley-Davidson Dressers

Lots of chromed accessories and lights made the Harley-Davidson dressers from the 1970s a sight to behold.

Racer Profile: AHRMA Racer Leasha Overturf

Motorcycle racer Leasha Overturf credits her success to having a vision and plan of attack.

Rides & Destinations: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, the crown of the U.S. National Park System, is definitely worth a visit. Just beware of the wildlife, which isn't fenced in.

Leopoldo Tartarini: Italjet Founder and Ducati Designer

Remembering innovative motorcycle designer Leopoldo Tartarini.

Your Mother Was Right

Motorcycles can be dangerous, but sometimes not in the way you expect them to be.

A Triumph Odyssey

"Ride 'em, don't hide 'em" was the motivation for Dennis Fisher to embark on a six-day adventure with his friends and 1968 Triumph Bonneville.

John Parham, Founder of J&P Cycles, Inducted into AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Others included in the 2015 class include racers Rodney Smith, John Kocinski and Alex Jorgenson.

Hagerty Launches Motorcycle Valuation Tools

Motorcycle market demand drives creation of database covering everything from $15 million Harley-Davidsons to $1,500 Yamahas.

The Bike in the Barn

We all dream of finding the "bike in the barn," and one motorcycle nut was fortunate enough to find a 1949 Vincent Black Shadow.

Racer Profile: Nick Hargis

Nick Hargis was been riding since he was 4; not surprising for a Sportsman 750 class winner.

Sunday Morning Ride: More Than a Ride and Less Than a Race

The Sunday Morning Ride in San Francisco's Bay Area has become an integral part of the northern California motorcycling scene.

No GoPro: Filming Without Compact Cameras

Imagine what Bruce Brown, director of On Any Sunday, could have done with a sophisticated compact camera or two.

Rides & Destinations: Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park in Utah is a must-see destination for motorcyclists, but don't forget to make a hotel reservation.

Rides & Destinations: Laughlin, Nevada

Inexpensive and a convenient launch point for other destinations, Laughlin, Nevada, offers plenty for touring motorcyclists.

Ten Years Later

Thanks for helping make the dream of Motorcycle Classics come true!

Low Canadian Dollar Means Savings for U.S. Customers

American buyers can take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar through Walridge Motors.

Butler Motorcycle Maps Releases Oregon Map

New Oregon map by Butler Motorcycle Maps showcases more than 5,300 miles of the best motorcycle roads in the Pacific Northwest.

Summer Motorcycle Season Brings Higher Accident Claims

Infographic highlighting the summer motorcycle season accident and claims patterns released.

The Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast is a great riding destination year-round with fantastic seafood and scenery.

Geoff Duke: First Gentleman of Racing

Remembering world champion Geoff Duke, who passed away at the age of 92.


We're planning a special vintage motorcycle project in response to your reader survey input.

What a BEAUTIFUL Norton!

In which one old Norton and one female person do 900 miles together.

Rides and Destinations: Crater Lake, Oregon

Rides and Destinations: Crater Lake, Oregon

The Flying Irishman

The extraordinary life of The Flying Irishman, Denny Edwards.

Collecting Classic Motorcycles

We all have our own definition of what constitutes a classic motorcycle, and it’s not always dollar value.

Take the Antique Motorcycle Foundation Survey

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation needs you to tell them why you love vintage bikes and what motivates you to ride.

Authentic Old West: Bisbee, Arizona

The authentic Old West town of Bisbee, Arizona is a must-visit destination that will not die.

Motorcycle Enthusiasts: Taking the Pulse

Every new issue gives readers the opportunity to provide input for our editors, join our Editorial Advisory Group to get in on the action!

Rides and Destinations: The USS Midway Museum, San Diego, California

Spend a day exploring the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California.

2014 Benelli Vintage Tour

The 2014 Benelli Vintage Tour is vintage motorcycle touring, Italian style.

Getting Small: Lightweight Motorcycles

Editor-in-Chief Richard Backus explains how a 1976 Suzuki GT185 helped him rediscover the joys of lightweight motorcycles.

On the Road, Italian Style in the Vintage Benelli Tour

Editor-in-Chief Richard Backus shares his experience on the Vintage Benelli Tour in Italy.

Rides and Destinations: Genoa, Nevada

Visit the town of Genoa, Nevada, a hidden treasure filled with history.

Rides and Destinations: The Oregon Coast Highway

Visit the Oregon Coast Highway, a mostly two-lane road running up the Pacific Shoreline.

A Love for Motorcycles

The following was written by reader and rider Max Paley after being sideswiped by a taxi on his Kawasaki Concours.

Royal Enfield Continental GT: Saddle time with CEO Siddhartha Lal

Editor Richard Backus joins with other journalists in a ride around the California countryside with Royal Enfield’s CEO Siddhartha Lal.

Rides and Destinations: Big Bear, California

Ride the Rim of the World Highway on the way to Big Bear, California.

Barber Museum Named World’s “Largest Motorcycle Museum” by Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records just named the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum the “Largest Motorcycle Museum” in the world.

Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum: Naubinway, Michigan

Visit the Top of the Lake Snowmobile museum in Naubinway, Michigan.

Road Memories

Road memories of a Norton on two-lane roads.

Destinations: Lake Isabella

Visit Lake Isabella, Calif., and ride the Caliente-Bodfish Road, Isabella Walker Pass Road and more.

Motorcycle Touring Destinations: San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Head south where it’s warm for your motorcycle touring: Visit San Felipe, Baja, Mexico.

Starting Small: An Introduction to Riding

Starting small is a great introduction to riding motorcycles.

Motorcycle Riding in the Colorado Rockies

Ray Roske sent us a fun group of photos taken in the mid-1950s that show a bunch of guys adventure-riding in the Colorado Rockies aboard old hard-tail Harley-Davidson 74s, with a few BSAs thrown in for good measure.

A Classic Indian Motorcycle Collection, Massachusetts

A peak at the classic Indian motorcycle collection on display at the Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History in Springfield, Mass.

South America by Motorcycle

Neale Bayly recounts his motorcycle tour of Central America and South America 15 years ago.

3,754 Miles and 38 days on a 1973 Honda CB750

Anders Carlson  shares his experience riding 3,754 Miles and 38 days on a 1973 Honda CB750.

Biking Across the US With My Velocette Venom Clubman

Their relationship was difficult at times, but when the author went biking across the US in 1965 a Velocette Venom was the machine that carried him the whole way.

Don't Hide Classic Bikes, Ride Them

Much as we love them, never forget Classic bikes didn't start life as classics. They were made to be ridden.

Parting Shots: House Bike Back from Sturgis

Here's a house bike that literally has everything but the kitchen sink.

The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world!

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