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Triumph Tiger Gauge Vibration

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader wants to prevent the tachometer and speedometer on his Triumph Tiger from vibrating and rotating.

Triumph T120 Tiger Spark Troubles

By Burt Horner

A reader has difficulty getting spark on his Triumph T120 Tiger. Could the coils be to blame?

Intermittent Charging on a Yamaha XS750

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader has had a charging issue on his 1978 Yamaha XS750 since he bought it two years ago and comes to Keith Fellenstein for help.

Having a Blast Using our TP Tools Skat Cat 40 Blast Cabinet

By Richard Backus

We put our Skat Cat 40 blast cabinet through more paces by stripping off the paint off bicycle and motorcycle parts, and are pleased with the results.


Honda CB450 Starter Overhaul

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

The best option for a failing Honda CB450 starter might be to rebuild the one you already own.

Honda CBX Master Cylinder Repair

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader asks Keith for advice on repairing the master cylinder on his Honda CBX.

Suzuki T20 Charging Issues

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader’s Suzuki T20 wasn’t charging its battery and now isn’t getting any spark.

Triumph Thunderbird 6T Fouling Plugs

By Keith Fellenstein

A reader is having trouble with fouling plugs on his Triumph Thunderbird 6T and turns to Keith for help.