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Triumph Bonneville Bobber Build, Part 2

By Richard Backus

The Motorcycle Classics and Dairyland Cycle Insurance custom Triumph Bonneville build takes shape.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Build, Part 1

By Motorcycle Classics staff

Motorcycle Classics and Dairyland Cycle Insurance team up to craft a modern take on a custom classic — the bobber.

Project Café: 1973 Honda CB500 Project Bike, Part 6

By Richard Backus

We're sure our restoration project bike, a Honda CB500, will dazzle the public when it's ready — which it almost is. Originally published as "Project Caf 1973 Honda CB500 Part 6" in the November/December 2009 issue of Motorcycle Classics Magazine.

In Praise of Nobby Clark, Legendary Motorcycle Mechanic

By Richard Backus

Great racers become famous, but a great motorcycle mechanic labors in obscurity. Nobby Clark, however, deserves to be well known.


Restoring a 1971 Triumph TR6C Trophy - Part 4

By Motorcycle Classics staff

Six months ago we turned the first wrench on our Triumph TR6C project, and it’s now finally drawing to a close.

Restoring a 1971 Triumph TR6C Trophy - Part 3

By Motorcycle Classics staff

Blame a long, cold winter, but progress on our 1971 Triumph TR6C moved at a glacial pace after our last report in the March/April issue. But with spring’s welcomed arrival, we finally had a chance to get back into the shop and make some headway. And as the pics show, our project bike is starting to come together.

The Fine Art of the Bodge

by Alison Green

If you ride and maintain older British bikes, then this is the appropriate term when one is forced to use a piece of wire to hold some component together.  This is to avoid resorting to trailers or other embarrassing forms of transport for the last leg of the trip.  

A Few Mods for the Enfield

By Richard Backus

Our long-term Royal Enfiled Bullet receives a host of performance and appearance upgrades.