We’ve put together this special set for fans of classic street bikes from the 1950s and 1960s!

    Numerous classic motorcycles were designed and built in the ’50s, and Motorcycle Classics has put together a 96-page special edition featuring articles that explore the decade and what it brought to the motorcycle world. The Harley-Davidson KHK, Honda JC58 Benly, Devil Lusso Extra, and many others are all covered in this glossy-page, full-color guide. Whether you’re just discovering these bikes or have been riding them since they first came on the market, you’re sure to enjoy this special edition.

    An era of victors and vanquished that heralded the coming changing of the guard, the '60s brought us some of the most memorable machines of all times. This 96-page Motorcycle Classics special collector edition features glossy photographs, unique perspectives, and some of the most famous bikes to come out of this time. Revel in the history with Motorcycle Classics Street Bikes of the '60s.

    Item: 10339

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