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The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the stuff of myth and legend – a true American icon for generations of thrill-seekers. This book charts the history and evolution of the company and the machine, from its humble beginnings to the present day, and features a chronological guide to every Harley model produced, from the 1906 Silent Gray Fellow to the VR1000 superbike. It includes photographs showing each motorcycle to perfection, together with technical specifications, key design elements, engineering standards and notable attributes. This magnificently illustrated encyclopedia offers a wealth of information about this most intriguing, enduring and individual of marques.

Coverage includes:

• An encyclopedia of the definitive motorbike from classic to custom – exploring the legend of an American dream
• The complete history and evolution of Harley-Davidson, from its humble beginnings to its role as a cultural icon
• A visual directory presenting every model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever produced
• Packed with over 570 photographs and informative text which capture the spirit of this legendary motorcycle

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Pages: 256

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