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The Up-N-Smoke Engine Project by Daniel Peirce was a photographic project to highlight the engineering beauty of the motorcycle engine. Some are historically significant while others are purely works of mechanical art.

The project was photographed between 2005 and 2008. Photographic prints and lithographic posters have sold all over the world. The Up-N-Smoke Powersports Bar and BBQ, in Keller, Texas was the project’s namesake. The project was conceived there as it was the meeting place for our motorcycle group, ‘Peckerheads Motorcycle Racing.’ Special thanks to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum for allowing Daniel Peirce to photograph many of their motorcycle engines.

Mounting Prints

You can mount prints with dry mounting tissue. The temperature across the heating platen should be 82 to 93° C (180 to 200° F). Preheat the cover sheet that you use over the face of the print to remove moisture. Apply pressure for 30 seconds, or up to 3 minutes in the case of a thick mount.


Temperatures above 93° C (200° F) for long periods of time can cause physical and color changes in prints. Excessive moisture can also cause color shifts. To minimize these changes, mount at the lowest temperature and over the shortest possible time. You can also use contact-type adhesive or cement for cold-mounting.


KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic VC Digital Paper has been formulated to provide excellent dye stability and print longevity for prints displayed under typical home lighting conditions (i.e., 120 lux for 12 hours a day) and typical home dark storage conditions (i.e., 20 to 23° C [68 to 73.4° F] and 50% humidity). Photographic dyes, like all dyes, can change with time and exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, excessive heat, and high humidity. To help prevent changes in photographic dyes, follow these guidelines:

• Illuminate prints with tungsten light whenever possible.
• Display prints in the lowest light level consistent with your viewing needs.
• If a print is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight or fluorescent light, use an ultraviolet-absorbing filter (such as glass) between the light source and the print.
• If prints are displayed behind glass, maintain a slight separation between the prints and the glass.
• Keep the temperature and humidity as low as possible.

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