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Harley decides – Finally! – to sell new XR1200 in the U.S.

H-D's new XR1200 will finally be available in the U.S.Stymieing U.S. buyers, earlier this year Harley-Davidson introduced the flat-tracker inspired XR1200, whose styling draws heavily from Harley history, mimicking H-D’s iconic and race winning XR750 of 1970-1980. The hitch? It was a ...

Found on eBay: 1967 Harley-Davidson Sprint

We're not sure why, but this week's eBay wandering led us to several Harley-Davidson Sprints, the nicest of which is this 1967 250cc Sprint. Manufactured by Aermacchi in Italy, these bikes are an interesting chapter in the history of Harley-Davidson, and are actually great vintage machines for ...

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