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Thinking Spring

With fall firmly here and winter trying to set in, any day the weather warms a bit I try to get out for a ride, knowing full well that any day now might be that last perfect ride of the year. Kansas winters can have their warm days, so I don’t really completely take any of my bikes off the ...

Two of the Same: 1983 and 1984 Laverda RGS

Freshly rebuilt carbs have brought the 1984 Laverda RGS back to life after some 10 years sitting idle.My interest in the storied Laverda motorcycle brand is no secret. Launched in the energetic post-World War II European market when motorcycles were the personal transportation of choice owing ...

1979 Harley-Davidson FEXF Shovelhead

 Speaking bikesI read the column about bikes that speak to you and I do have one of those bikes: My buddy’s 1984 Harley-Davidson FLH Shovelhead did this to me. I’ve watched him rebuild it starting in about 2000, and go through several iterations, and had many chances to ride it. It made ...


Steven Herberg’s Norton Commando Fastback

Another Fastback When I graduated from high school in 1971, I got a summer job at a furniture factory in neighboring Winooski, Vermont. Just down the road lived a British racing green 1968 Norton Commando Fastback. With the factory windows always open, I could hear whenever that glorious ...


Converting a Triumph 6-Volt Charging System

There comes a time when practicality overcomes originality, and a good example of that is our project for this issue, converting a 6v Energy Transfer (ET) ignition Triumph over to 12v while retaining the original no-battery look of the ET system. For that we used a 12v Lucas alternator and a ...

Transit 3 Jacket and Pants by Aerostich

 Aerostich Transit 3After a 6-year absence, the Transit 3 jacket and pants are back with all the features of the originals, but now made of an all-new 1.2mm perforated, waterproof-breathable seam-sealed leather. These suits were lauded and loved for the years they were available, and ...

Al Zinn’s 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

 Guzzis!I just picked up the new issue and loved the pic of you and the V7. You suggested pictures, so here is mine, a 1973 Moto Guzzi Eldorado. It is, by far, the best vintage machine I have ever owned!Al Zinn/Painesville, Ohio


Teddy Horn’s 1970 Yamaha XS650

More speaking bikes After decades of riding, racing and loving bikes, I rode my friend’s 1975 Yamaha XS650 one day. I pulled out of the driveway, up the hill grabbing gears and twisting the throttle, when it struck me. I’ve got to get one! I looked and looked for an early ’70s model, ...

Patrick Buss’ Moto Guzzi Eldorado

Hey, loved your pic in the new issue. I own four loop-frame Guzzis and have had more Honda 350 and 400/4s than I can count. This pic was taken yesterday, after a nice Sunday rip around Portland, Oregon. Cheers!Patrick Buss/via email

Axle Shoes by Highway 21

 Highway 21 Axle Riding ShoesWhen it comes to motorcycle gear I freely admit that I have a problem with two things: jackets and boots. With so many variables in aesthetics and function, it’s easy to spend a small fortune and fill a large closet. For the past few months, however, I’ve left ...

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