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Motorcycle Leather Dressing by Pecard

Pecard's Motorcycle Leather Dressing. Photo by Landon HallPecard leather dressingThe mark of a favorite piece of gear around here is when it gets used year after year, even with newer options around. I’ve had this Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 perforated leather jacket since August 2006, and it ...

Found on eBay: 1958 Velocette Venom

This week’s eBay browsing led us in many different directions, but mostly towards the dirt. We’ve had the itch for a good Seventies enduro for running trails and the dirt and gravel roads “round these parts” for awhile, and though maybe we’ll find one of those next week, our searching ...

Found On eBay: 1975 BMW R90S

One of the most loved BMW’s of all time, the R90S, with its signature half fairing, is a great classic bike to own and ride today: So great, in fact, that it was the bike we here at Motorcycle Classics featured on the cover of our Premiere Issue in the fall of 2005.Just over 17,000 R90s’s ...

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