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Found on eBay: 1962 Yamaha YDS-R Factory Racer

And now for something you don't see every day: Yes, it's a 1962 Yamaha YDS-R factory race bike. We remember seeing this bike at the 2006 Legend of the Motorcycle show in Half Moon Bay, Calif., where it impressed us with it's amazing condition. It also impressed the judges there, winning a first ...

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The 2009 Yamaha VMAXWow, but why?197hp, 123 lb/ft of torque and 1,679cc of displacement! All wrapped in shiny black and much chrome, the 2009 version of Yamaha’s VMAX is now a reality.I must confess that although the original has been around for 20 years, it never attracted me, nor does it ...

Found on eBay: 1975 Yamaha RD's

Why bid on just one nice old Yamaha RD when you could bid on three of them at once?That's right. This auction is for two Yamaha RD250's and a Yamaha RD350, all 1975 models. While none of the bikes are perfect, all three are in running condition and would be great riders with minimal work.  ...

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