The Meet at America's Car Museum

| 7/3/2013 2:17:07 PM

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The Meet at ACM – Vintage Motorcycle Festival features top names in the industry as class judges. Many magazine editors are coming to review and rank vintage bikes for the August 24-25 motorcycle event in Tacoma, Wash. 

On Saturday, Aug. 24, more than 300 vintage motorcycles are expected to participate, divided into classes with judges awarding trophies for first, second and third prize in each category. A Best of Show winner will be selected by the judging panel from those motorcycles named Best in Class.

“The judges have to be extremely thorough to select or rank one motorcycle over another,” said Scot Keller, chief marketing and communications officer for ACM. “The judges must pay particular attention to detail and have intimate knowledge of the brands and products in order to differentiate one great bike from another.”

Here is a partial list of the motorcycle experts, most of whom are motorcycle industry editors and will serve as judges for The Meet at ACM:

•   Chief Judge, David Edwards, Bike Craft
•   Richard Backus, Motorcycle Classics
•   Clement Salvadori, Rider Magazine
•   Robert Smith, Canadian Biker
•   David Searle, Motorcycle Consumer News
•   Ian Kerr, UK Bike
•   Bob Henig, Bob’s BMW Motorcycles
•   Peter Nettesheim, owner of BMW Motorcycle Museum
•   Randy Rietman, Japanese motorcycle restorer