Motorcycle Touring on a 1992 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II

| 4/26/2011 2:38:50 PM

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seca 1 
David Reiss' 1992 Yamaha XJ600 with touring bags ready to roll. 

Who said you need a big bike to enjoy motorcycyle touring? I just took this little 600cc 1200 miles across five states and back again from Baltimore to Boston. I got the Joe Rocket tail and tank bags from eBay for about the cost of the tank bag ($120), and the soft expandable saddle bags are Nelson-Rigg brand - not as heavy duty as the Rocket bags but did the trick just fine.

seca 2 
I found a factory rear rack ($30 on eBay) and installed it on the
tail of the bike - it's not very big, but handy for the tailpack bag
and for bungee-cording extra stuff.

seca 3 
I could have easily carried camping gear as well but opted to stay in motels.
I did bring both my openface and full face helmets, plus clothes for a week and
other gear - all without expanding the saddlebags!

seca 4 
I also added a set of handlebar risers from GenMar - they raised the bars
without need for changing any of the control cables - it made a BIG difference
in long distance riding. I also put on new grips, and had the front forks rebuilt
- they were leaking oil due to old seals.

seca 5 

seca 6 
The other big change to the bike was the removal of the lower fairing - which
looked very cool but did not help in the running of the bike as it's an air-cooled
bike and the fairing just kept the engine from getting full air flow over the fins,
plus made roadside repairs a real pain.

2/18/2015 2:37:32 PM

I had a 93 SECA II as my first bike. It was a great do-it-all bike. It handle taking my wife and I plus our camping gear on a two-state trip in the summer without an issue.

Tom Hocking
4/28/2011 11:53:10 AM

Great article and great bike. I had a new 1981 Seca 750 with the factory fairing. I mounted Krauser (BMW) hard bags. It was like a mini Yamaha Venturer. The perfect sport-touring rig. So smooth--compared to my V-twins the Seca's engine felt like a turbine! I loved that bike. I sold it for a new sea kayak, but now I wish I still had it... :0| I'd post a pic if I could. Cheers, Tom

William Patterson_2
4/28/2011 10:21:29 AM

Great little story Dave! These SECA II bikes are a great bargain, never have seen one with the lower fairing on (I prefer the view of the cylinders). You did some interesting mods, I am always surprised at the variety of gee-gaws we can still find for older bikes (risers, racks, crash bars, etc.)! I agree, a mid-size 400+lb. bike is a lot of fun to manage. Ride safe.