Tourmaster Transition Jacket and Venture Pants Road Test

An excellent motorcycle riding suit that also comes in women's sizes

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Margie in Colorado

Tester Margie Siegal stops for a break in Colorado on a sunny, hot day. She found it easy to adjust the Tourmaster Transition Jacket and Venture Pants to ambient riding conditions by opening or closing air vents built into the combo.

Margie Siegal



Back in the day, if you wanted to go touring, you bought a waxed cotton riding suit. It was amazingly protective and waterproof, as long as it was kept waxed. One manufacturer boasted the only way you could get wet wearing one was to ride into a lake.

If it was cold, you layered a heavy sweater under the suit, and if it was hot, you wet down a T-shirt, wrung it out and put the suit on over it. The major downside was that waxed cotton is almost impossible to keep clean, and leaves dark smudges on upholstery.

The few hardy women tourers of the classic era often wore waxed cotton suits, too. Nothing came in women's sizes back in the day, and the waxed cotton suits were loose enough to fit, more or less.

Fast forward 40 years, and we have the Tourmaster Transition 2 Jacket and Venture Pants, an updated version of that waxed cotton suit. Like its predecessor, it is waterproof. Unlike its predecessor, it is made of easy to clean and non-marking Carbolex abrasion and tear resistant polyester. Also unlike its predecessor, it comes in WOMEN'S SIZES. Although women now own 12.6 percent of all bikes, Certain Manufacturers Still Don't Get It. Clearly, Tourmaster does.

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