The 1983 Honda CB1100F Made a Lasting Impression

| 3/4/2011 11:07:06 AM

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honda cb110f 
The 1983 Honda CB1100F made an indelible impression on its riders.  

At the time of its release in the States, the CB1100F carried a price tag of only $3,698, which, when compared to the features, power and all around performance of the machine was deemed a great bargain by pundits of the day. The fact that it outperformed nearly every other liter machine in its class was only icing on the cake.

Honda continued to build motorcycles fitted with inline four engines, but the Honda CB1100F overshadowed all but a few in the years to follow. Each subsequent model borrowed something from those that came before, allowing Honda to constantly improve their product line without being forced to begin with a blank slate.

The CB1100F made an indelible impression on its riders. Thanks to its performance and "one-year superstar" status, it has become a prized collectible today. The bike attracts an enthusiastic following and many proud owners have posted a variety of videos on YouTube. Here's a sampling:




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