1903 Indian Motorcycle

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Editor’s note: Welcome to National Treasures, where we’ll be featuring many of the amazing vintage motorcycles on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Of course, nothing beats viewing the museum’s amazing vintage motorcycle collection with your own eyes, so be sure to visit the National Motorcycle Museum website and plan your trip today.

1903 Indian motorcycle on display at the National Motorcycle Museum
in Anamosa, Iowa.

This 1903 Indian motorcycle was one of the first bikes to carry the Indian name. The Hendee Mfg. Co. of Springfield, Mass., built the first Indian motorcyle in 1903.

These early motorcycles, as Indian originally coined its pioneering machines, were actually bicycles with single-cylinder engines bolted onto the diamond frames. George Hendee was a high-wheel bicycle racing champion, and the Indian motorcyles were created to pace bicycle races. Indian competition successes continued in 1903 and in July, Indian won the only gold medal in the second endurace run held in the United States.

This 1903 Indian is graciously on loan to the National Motorcycle Museum by John Parham, Anamosa, Iowa.

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