Classic German Motorcycles

Classic BMW Motorcycles

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Smooth Operator: BMW R75/5

I’ve been everywhere, man I’ve been everywhere, man ‘Cross the deserts bare, man I’ve breathed the mountain air, man Of travel, I’ve had my share, man I’ve been everywhere I’ve Been Everywhere by Geoff Mack Remember this song? If you have indeed been everywhere, someone has been there before you on an Airhead. Air-cooled BMW (“Airhead”) flat twins from ...

Staff | Aug 7, 2021

Classic MZ Motorcycles

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Iron Pig Tour: Across the USA on a 1970 MZ ES250/2

The Iron Pig meets American iron: Crossing the Mojave desert. In early 2018, I shipped my East German-built 1970 MZ ES250/2 – nicknamed “Iron Pig” – from Denmark to Los Angeles, California. Being a Gold Wing rider trapped riding an MZ, I like to carry a lot of stuff when I tour, so I equipped the MZ with a little Czechoslovakian PAV 41 ...

Kim Scholer | Feb 12, 2019

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Classic NSU Motorcycles

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Dave DeBaene’s 1938 NSU 501 OSL

Rider: Dave DeBaene, Moline, Illinois Age: 66 Occupation: Manufacturing engineer, John Deere (retired)Rides: 1938 NSU 501 OSL Dave's story: "I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was 12. I started with a scooter my oldest brother found for me. I raced amateur flat track for four years before I married. My first race bike was a Hodaka Super Rat. I also raced a Bultaco 175 ...

Dave Debaene | Jun 10, 2019

Classic TWN Motorcycles

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1957 Triumph TWN BDG125L

1957 Triumph TWN BDG125LClaimed power: 6.7hp @ 5,200rpmTop speed: 50mphEngine: 123cc 2-stroke, air-cooled split-singleWeight (wet): 227lb (103kg)Fuel capacity/MPG: 12ltr (3gal) / 100mpg (claimed)Ever heard of a Triumph Cornet? Triumph Boss? Triumph Tessy? A 1957 Triumph TWN BDG125L? They’re all names of once-popular motorcycles (and one scooter), but unless your last name’s ...

Andy Saunders | Jul 3, 2008

Classic Zundapp Motorcycles

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Boxing Clever: 1938 Zündapp K800

1938 Zündapp K800 Engine: 797cc air-cooled sidevalve horizontally opposed 4-cylinder, 62mm x 66.6mm bore and stroke, 5.8:1 compression ratio, 22hp @ 4,300rpm (at rear wheel) Top speed: 75mph (60mph w/sidecar) Carburetion: Single 22mm Amal (German) Transmission: 4-speed, hand-shift, shaft final drive Electrics: 6v, Bosch distributor w/coil and breaker points ...

Alan Cathcart | Oct 25, 2016

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