Classic American Motorcycles

Classic Buell Motorcycles

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1986 Buell RR1000

1986 Buell RR1000 Battle TwinYears produced: 1986-1988Claimed power: 77hp @ 5,600rpmTop speed: 140mph (est.)Engine type: 998cc pushrod air-cooled OHV V-twinWeight: 374lb (170kg) (claimed)MPG: N/APrice then: $12,495Price now: $25,000-$50,000After 26 years as America’s only volume production sport bike ...

Alan Cathcart | Jan 27, 2010

Classic Crocker Motorcycles

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Crocker “Continuation” Motorcycle

Engine (stock): 61ci (986cc) air-cooled OHV 45-degree V-twin, 3-1/4in x 3-5/8in bore and stroke (82.55mm x 92.075mm), 8:1 compression ratio, 60hp at 5,800rpm (claimed) Engine (as tested): 68ci (1,114.7cc) air-cooled OHV 45-degree V-twin, 3-1/4in x 4.1in (82.55mm x 104.10mm) bore and stroke, 8:1 compression ratio, 80hp at 4,800rpm (claimed) Top speed: 120mph (as tested) Carburetion: ...

Alan Cathcart | Feb 16, 2017

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Classic Excelsior Motorcycles

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High Achiever: 1916 Excelsior Twin

1916 Excelsior Model 17-3 Engine: 998cc (61ci) air-cooled IOE V-twin, 3.328in x 3.5in bore and stroke, 6:1 compression ratio (approx.), 15-20hp (est.) Carburetion: Single Schebler Model HX Transmission: 3-speed hand shift, chain final drive Electrics: Bosch ZEV magneto ignition Frame/wheelbase: Single downtube keystone frame w/engine as stressed member/59in (1,499mm) Suspension: ...

Margie Siegal | Jun 13, 2017

Classic Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

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Army Surplus Harley-Davidson WLA Restored

Most of us had difficulty getting parental approval to ride a motorcycle. Mom would remind us about how dangerous they are. Dad would tell us that he never wanted to see a motorcycle in the woodshed. Imagine how lucky Fred Wacker was, as he had a Bonanza mini-bike when he was only 7 years old! On his 16th birthday in 1976, Fred’s father gave him an adult-sized yellow ...

Staff | Jun 14, 2021

Classic Henderson Motorcycles

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Patina: 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline

1930 Henderson KJEngine: 79.4ci (1,301cc) air-cooled IOE F-head inline four, 2-11/16in x 3-1/2in bore and stroke, 4.4:1 compression ratio, 40hp at 4,000rpm (claimed)Top speed: 100mph (claimed)Carburetion: Single ScheblerTransmission: 3-speed handshift, chain final driveElectrics: 6v, magneto ignitionFrame/wheelbase: Dual downtube cradle frame/58in (1,473mm)Suspension: Trailing link ...

Margie Siegal | Feb 13, 2018

Classic Indian Motorcycles

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Red Eliason

Photo by Pete DopsonThis is a short story of a motorcycle that is not exactly what it appears to be.Indeed what is pictured is Red Eliason (more on that name later), an American bitsa (a custom). It is a collection of parts, gathered together with imagination and a sense of adventure, to create a modern street-legal, period-type dirt tracker.The purists can take a deep ...

Pete Dopson | Feb 4, 2021

Classic Traub Motorcycles

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The Mystery of the 1916 Traub Motorcycle

Found hidden in a bricked-up wall in a Chicago suburb 40 years ago, the 1916 Traub motorcycle is still a mystery today.Pulled from its dark, secretive hiding place of 50 years, this Traub is the only example ever found. Since its discovery, the Traub has provoked more questions than it has provided answers. But one thing is for sure; this is a unique, one-of-a-kind classic American ...

Neale Bayly | Jul 27, 2009

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