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Classic Britten Motorcycles

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Kiwi Flyer: Riding the Britten V-1000

Britten V-1000Claimed power: 135hp @ 9,500rpmTop speed: 173mph (Daytona, 1990)Engine: 999cc liquid-cooled DOHC 60-degree V-twin, 94mm x 72mm bore and stroke, 13.5:1 compression ratioWeight (dry): 306lb (139kg)The words “genius” and “tragedy” are often overstated, but it is beyond question that New Zealander John Britten was an engineering ...

Alan Cathcart | Aug 13, 2015

Classic Bultaco Motorcycles

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Swinging Singles: A Pair of Bultacos

Bultaco Metralla Mk2/Kit America Engine: 244cc air-cooled single, 72mm x 60mm bore and stroke, 38hp @ 9,500rpmTop speed: 105mph plusCarburetion: Single Mikuni (original 30mm Amal 389 GP)Transmission: 5-speed, GP clutchElectrics: Femsa electronic ignitionWheelbase: 51in (1,275mm)Suspension: Ceriani 35mm telescopic fork; Betor 11.5in shocksBrakes: Recycled Japanese drum ...

Dain Gingerelli | Oct 15, 2020

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Classic Condor Motorcycles

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Found on eBay: 1974 Condor A350

When we ran a feature a couple of issues back on the Condor A350 (March/April 2010), we metioned Blue Moon Cycle (www.BlueMoonCycle.com) in Norcross, Ga., as the place to go if you're interested in getting your hands on one of the neat A350s, made from 1974-1978 for the Swiss Army. John Landstrom, owner of Blue Moon, has since listed an A350 on eBay, along with a ...

Landon Hall | May 19, 2010

Classic Jawa Motorcycles

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Iron Curtain Artistry: 1954 JAWA 250 Perak

1954 JAWA 250 Perak Engine: 249cc air-cooled 2-stroke single, 65mm x 75mm bore and stroke, 6.25:1 compression ratio, 9hp @ 4,250rpm (claimed) Top speed: 62mph (100kph) (claimed) Carburetion: Single 24mm Jikov Transmission: 4-speed, chain final drive Electrics: 12v Powerdynamo (6v stock) Frame/wheelbase: Single-downtube square-section steel cradle/51.2in (1,297mm) Suspension: ...

Corey Levenson | Aug 9, 2016

Classic Nimbus Motorcycles

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Dad’s Leftovers: Niels Svanholm’s 1938 Nimbus

Niels Svanholm's 1938 Nimbus MkII. Nimbus made essentially the same machine from 1934 to the end of production in 1959.I grew up with Nimbus motorcycles. My father had brought three of them over from Denmark before I was born, in the mid-1960s. The motorcycle is a 1938 Nimbus. Built by a company that started out as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, the Nimbus was company founder Peder ...

Mc Staff | Jan 4, 2012

Classic Peugeot Motorcycles

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1922 Peugeot Grand Prix Racer

1922 Peugeot Grand Prix RacerClaimed power: 27hp @ 5,000rpmTop speed: 100mph (approx.)Engine: 495cc air-cooled SOHC parallel twinWeight (dry): 286lbsAsk your local bike trivia champions when the first double overhead cam eight-valve vertical-twin was produced and by whom. Chances are they won’t even get the country right — and they probably won’t ...

Alan Cathcart | Jul 5, 2011

Classic Ural Motorcycles

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Life on Three Wheels: 2014 Ural T

2014/2015 Ural TClaimed power: 41hp @ 5,500rpmTop speed: 80mph (observed)Engine: 749cc air-cooled OHV opposed twin, 78mm x 78mm bore and stroke, 8.6:1 compression ratioWeight (dry):700lbFuel capacity/MPG:5gal (18.9ltr)/35mpg (observed)Price: $12,399The authentic vintage appeal of the Ural has always been the bike’s calling card. Nobody, not even the motorcycle ignorant, ...

Richard Backus | Dec 11, 2014

Classic Van Veen Motorcycles

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Rotary Revival: Van Veen OCR 1000

Van Veen OCR 1000 RotaryEngine: Transverse-mounted twin-rotor Wankel rotary with wet sump oil-cooled rotors and water-cooled casing, 2 x 498cc swept volume trochoidal chambers, 996cc, 9:1 compression ratio, 100.4hp at 6,500 rpm (at rear wheel)Top speed: 135mph (claimed)Carburetion: 32mm Solex with accelerator pump and automatic chokeTransmission: 4-speed, shaft final driveElectrics: ...

Alan Cathcart | Dec 19, 2017

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