Classic Italian Motorcycles

Classic Benelli Motorcycles

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Big Breeze from Italy: 1971-76 Benelli 650 Tornado

 Benelli 650 TornadoYears Produced: 1971-1976Power: 52-57hp @ 7,200rpmTop Speed: 97 mph (period test)Engine: 643cc (84mm x 58 mm) air-cooled, OHV parallel twinTransmission: 5-speed, chain final driveWeight/MPG: 480lb wet/40-50mpg (avg.)Price then/now: $1,779 (1973)/$2,000-$9,000 Timing may not be everything, but bad timing can scuttle the best of plans. Through most of the ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Aug 9, 2019

Classic Cagiva Motorcycles

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Missed Adventure: 1984-1987 Cagiva Elefant

1984-1987 Cagiva Elefant 650Claimed power: 55hp @ 7,500rpmTop speed: 115mph (indicated)Engine: 649cc air-cooled SOHC desmodromic V-twinWeight: 454lb (wet)Fuel capacity/MPG: 38mpg (avg.)Price then/now: $4,632 (1986)/$1,750-$3,000The present-day fad for adventure touring motorcycles has, like most fashions, a precedent in a previous generation. But it wasn’t Ewan McGregor ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Dec 11, 2014

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Classic Ceccato Motorcycles

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Circa-1954 Ceccato 75cc Twin Cam

Critically acclaimed food author and television personality Anthony Bourdain would tell us that a steak cooked rare is a pretty common thing.That’s why Bourdain, sometimes scootering around or riding in a sidecar on his show No Reservations, documents the lesser-known dishes available from around the globe — he’s often seen scarfing down morsels of food ...

Greg Williams | Apr 2, 2010

Classic Ducati Motorcycles

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1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport

Photo by Jeff Barger Engine:748cc bevel gear driven desmodromic OHC, 4-stroke, air-cooled 90-degree L-twin, 80mm x 74.4mm bore/stroke, 9.5:1 compression ratio, 70hp @ 9,000rpmTop speed: 130mph (209kmh)Carburetion: Twin Dell’Orto PHM40ATransmission: 5-speed, constant meshElectrics: 12v, coil and breaker points ignitionFrame/wheelbase: Tubular steel open double cradle with ...

Greg Williams | Apr 1, 2021

Classic Gilera Motorcycles

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Radical Rondine: 1939 Gilera 500 Rondine

1939 Gilera 500 RondineEngine: 492cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline four (inclined 60 degrees forward), 52mm x 58mm bore and stroke, 7.2-7.5:1 compression ratio, 80hp @ 9,000rpmTop speed: 140mphCarburetion: Weber w/Roots superchargerTransmission: 4-speed, chain final driveElectrics: Magneto ignitionFrame: Tubular perimeter w/engine as stressed memberSuspension: Girder fork front, ...

Hamish Cooper | Dec 18, 2017

Classic Laverda Motorcycles

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Jota’s Bigger Brother: 1978-82 Laverda 1200 Jota America/Mirage

 Laverda 1200Years produced:1978-1982Power: 73hp @ 7,500rpm Top speed: 133mph (period test)Engine: 1,116cc (80mm x 74mm) air-cooled, DOHC inline tripleTransmission: Triplex chain primary, 5-speed, chain final driveWeight (wet)/MPG: 545lb (248kg)/38mpg (avg.)Price then/now: $1,995 (1977)/$3,000-$8,000Many bike makers produced standout models that became synonymous with the ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Nov 12, 2019

Classic Morbidelli Motorcycles

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1975 Morbidelli 125 Grand Prix

Country: ItalyEngine: Water-cooled, twin-cylinder 2-strokeIgnition: Battery-powered Krober ignition (CDI)Power rating: 42bhp @ 14,200rpmDisplacement: 124.77cc, rotary inletFuel system: Twin Mikuni 28mm carburetorsTransmission: 6-speedSuspension: Front Marzocchi 32mm telescopic forks, rear twin shockBrakes: Front twin Brembo discs, rear single Brembo discWeight: 165lbsTop speed: ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Classic Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

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Fast but Fragile: 1985-1987 Moto Guzzi V65 Lario

Power: 60hp @ 7,800rpm (claimed)  Top speed: 119mph (period test)  Engine: 650cc 8-valve air-cooled OHV L-twin  Transmission: 5-speed, shaft final drive  Weight: 433lb (wet)  Fuel Capacity/MPG: 4.7gal/39mpg (est.)  Price then/now: n/a/$2,000-$5,000By the mid-1970s, new  owner Alejandro de Tomaso had consolidated Moto ...

Staff | Feb 3, 2021

Classic Moto Morini Motorcycles

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Café Espresso: 1978-1983 Moto Morini 500

Moto Morini 500 SportYears produced: 1978-1983Power: 7,500rpm (est.)Top speed: 104mph (period test)Engine: 479cc air-cooled OHV 72-degree V-twinTransmission: 5-speed, chain final driveWeight/mpg: 368lb (dry)/42-56mpgPrice then/now: $2,795/$2,500-$6,000Samuel Dalziel Heron is hardly a household name. Yet he helped design the first successful radial airplane engines, invented the ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Dec 20, 2017

Classic MV Agusta Motorcycles

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Timely Tribute: Magni MV Agusta 750S Tributo Test

Magni MV Agusta 750S TributoEngine: 798cc liquid-cooled DOHC transverse inline 3-cylinder, 79mm x 54.3mm bore and stroke, 13.3:1 compression ratio, 125hp @ 11,600rpm (at crankshaft)Fueling: Eldor electronic fuel injection and engine management system with three 50mm Mikuni throttle bodies and single injector per cylinderTransmission: 6-speed, chain final driveElectrics: 12v, ...

Alan Cathcart. Photos Kel Edge. | Apr 3, 2019

Classic Parilla Motorcycles

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1962 Parilla 250 Gran Sport

1962 Parilla 250 Gran SportCountry: ItalyEngine: Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-strokeIgnition: Battery and coilPower Rating: 21bhp @ 8,800rpmBore x Stroke: 68 x 68mmDisplacement: 247ccValves: Overhead, single-lobe cam with short push rods and rocker armsFuel System: Single 28mm Dell-Orto GP type carburetorTransmission: 4-speedSuspension: Front Ceriani telescopic forks, rear twin ...

The Motorcycle Classics Staff | Feb 27, 2013

Classic Rumi Motorcycles

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125cc Motorcycle: The Rumi Sport 125

1952 Rumi Sport 125 Years produced: 1950-1952Claimed power: 10hp @ 7,400rpmTop speed: 65mph (est.)Engine type: 124.68cc air-cooled 2-stroke parallel twinTop speed: 65mph (est.)Weight (dry): 202lb (92kg)Price then: $375 (est.)Price now: $8,500-$14,000MPG: 45-65 (est.)If someone told you they were introducing a 10hp, 125cc motorcycle with a 2-stroke twin-cylinder machine like the 1952 ...

James Adam Bolton | Oct 8, 2009

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