Moto Morini 3-1/2 Sport

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1975 Moto Morini 3-1/2 Sport.
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The difference in size between the Moto Morini 3-1/2 and everything else on a six-lane road can leave a rider feeling intimidated.
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Short wheelbase and light weight help make the Morini a willing performer.
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A double-sided drum front brake was used through 1976, when Moto Morini finally switched to a disc front brake.
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Helping to boost its go-fast image, the Morini Sport eschewed rear footpegs; two-up riding was available to buyers of the touring-oriented Strada.
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1975 Moto Morini 3-1/2 Sport
Years produced:
Claimed power: 39hp @ 8,500rpm
Top speed: 107mph (period test)
Engine: 344cc air-cooled 72-degree V-twin
Weight (half tank fuel): 353lb (160kg)
Price then/now: $1,795 (1974)/$3,500-$4,500

John Burkhard likes his Moto Morini 3-1/2. Not because it’s rare (it is) or unusual (that too) but because it’s a joy to ride. “It’s a rev happy, great handling, great stopping motorcycle. It’s a keeper,” John says of the first Moto Morini 350 V-Twin.

Never heard of a Moto Morini? You’re not alone. Although this northern Italian company has been constructing interesting motorcycles since 1937, Morinis have never been built in large numbers, and only a few ever made their way to the United States.

Morini beginnings

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