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‘The Speed Kings’ by Don Emde

 Publisher, author, motorcycle historian and 1972 Daytona 200 winner Don Emde’s most recent book The Speed Kings is a history of boardtrack racing that’s long overdue. It’s perhaps the most complete history of the sport to date, one that includes hundreds of period photos supported by commentary, facts, quotes and newspaper clippings to tell ...

Review Dain Gingerelli | Mar 26, 2020

Motorcycle Riding Gear

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Covert Ultra Jeans by ScorpionEXO

 ScorpionEXO Covert Ultra JeansThere is a lot to be said for a high quality riding suit or pants — just ask anyone who has ever gone down on a bike! But sometimes you want to look just a little more “normal.” Luckily, the plethora of riding jeans that have hit the market the last few years gives one plenty of options for more casual riding ...

Review Rod Peterson | Feb 13, 2020

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Motorcycle Tools Accessories And Parts

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CruzTOOLS and Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals

CruzTOOLSFitted neatly together in a roll-up portable pouch, CruzTOOLS’ RoadTech M3 Metric Tool Kit packs many tools that Japanese motorcycles, old and new, may require on the road. And it’s more complete than a typical stock tool kit, with combination wrenches from 8mm to 14mm, a proper adjustable wrench and vice grips, a spark-plug gap gauge, a pencil-type tire ...

Review John L. Stein | Aug 7, 2020

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