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The old motorcycle world is surely a friendly one, and one with a lot of interesting stories and pieces of information. We love that Motorcycle Classics is a place for it to all come together through the communal love of old bikes. Some of my favorite moments are when I get the chance to share info with a reader who hasn’t found an answer or an explanation of something no matter ...


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Covert Ultra Jeans by ScorpionEXO

ScorpionEXO Covert Ultra Jeans There is a lot to be said for a high quality riding suit or pants — just ask anyone who has ever gone down on a bike! But sometimes you want to look just a little more “normal.” Luckily, the plethora of riding jeans that have hit the market the last few years gives one plenty of options for more casual riding attire. I looked to ScorpionEXO ...

Rod Peterson

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3 Steps to Safe Winter Storage

-Advertisement- Sponsored by Battery Tender Thinking about winter storage as we enter the tail-end of riding season can feel like a real drag – and not the kind of apex-clipping drag you may be dreaming of. Whether you’ve broken out the cool-weather gear, or you’re sneaking in a few more weekends at the local track – the time is now to start preparing for cold ...

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