Handee Clamp

The Handee Clamp helps with reaching nuts and bolts and other parts in difficult places.

courtesy C & C Handee Clamp, LLC

Old motorcycles often have hard-to-reach nuts and bolts, hose clamps and other fiddly bits. The Handee Clamp is here to help. For example, we put a nut in the end and tightened the clamp, then used the tool to reach into a tough spot. The tool holds the nut while you thread in the bolt from the other side. The Handee Clamp measures 10 inches by 5/8 of an inch. Zinc coated ($18.50) or powder coated ($21.50). Made in the U.S.A. Find more info on the Handee Clamp website.

Published on Dec 19, 2019

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