Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS and Sena Momentum Helmet

The Beeline Moto navigation and Sena Momentum Evo helmet.

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by John L. Stein
The Momentum EVO comes only in matte black.

We tested the best adventure motorcycle GPS to help you get around and paired it with a Sena Momentum helmet review for stylish and fully integrated navigation.

Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS: Beeline Moto navigation

If you occasionally wish you had turn-by-turn guidance system on your motorcycle but don’t want to mount a smartphone or GPS unit on your classic bike, there’s another option. It’s called Beeline Moto, and although it relies on a smartphone to operate, the phone stays in your pocket while the tiny Beeline unit is on your handlebars.

The device communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth and a free Beeline app is used to plan routes and send routing instructions to the Beeline device. The Google Maps-based app is versatile and provides options to avoid highways, gravel roads and tolls, if desired. You can also select between planning a motorcycle route or a bicycle route. Once completed, rides can be named and stored on the phone. You can also import GPX routes and view the map as several types (satellite, hybrid, route, etc.).

  • Updated on Aug 19, 2022
  • Originally Published on Aug 5, 2022
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