1975 Morbidelli 125 Grand Prix

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Country: Italy
Engine: Water-cooled, twin-cylinder 2-stroke
Ignition: Battery-powered Krober ignition (CDI)
Power rating: 42bhp @ 14,200rpm
Displacement: 124.77cc, rotary inlet
Fuel system: Twin Mikuni 28mm carburetors
Transmission: 6-speed
Suspension: Front Marzocchi 32mm telescopic forks, rear twin shock
Brakes: Front twin Brembo discs, rear single Brembo disc
Weight: 165lbs
Top speed: 145mph

Morbidelli caused a sensation in 1975, winning the 125cc World Championship with a new machine designed by brilliant Dutch engineer Jorg Moller, previously with Van Veen. Such was the demand for a fast, reliable machine that Morbidelli entered in an agreement with Benelli to produce replicas, and a new factory was built in Pesaro expressly for constructing batches of the 125 water-cooled disc-valve twins to sell worldwide to wealthy customers. Horsepower was 36.5 on the customer bikes that were sold as MBAs (Morbidelli Benelli Armi).

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