1913 Henderson Model B

1913 Henderson Model B

Country: U.S.A.
Engine: Air-cooled inline four-cylinder four-stroke
Ignition: Bosch magneto with distributor
Power Rating: 7hp rated
Displacement: 57ci (965cc)
Valves: Overhead inlet, side exhaust
Fuel System: Single Schebler carburetor
Transmission: Single speed
Suspension: Front-leading link forks, rigid rear
Brakes: Rear drum
Weight: 310lb
Top Speed: 55mph
Price new: $325

With the popularity of the innovative Belgian F.N. four-cylinder machine, it was inevitable that American manufacturers would build something similar. Henderson was one of the earliest to jump on the bandwagon with a 57-cubic-inch four. This was the largest and fastest machine at the time, setting many records, including being the first motorcycle to circle the world, and was the favored bike by many police departments. Henderson sold out to Schwinn of bicycle fame in 1917, and the machines were now marketed under the Excelsior brand.

Published on Jul 22, 2015
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