Jay Leno’s 1933 Indian Four

Reader Contribution by Greg Williams
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Jay Leno’s 1933 Indian Four.

The 1933 sales brochure for the Indian Motorcycle Company boasted: “For smoothness, extreme flexibility and all-around excellence of performance, there is no equal to the 1933 Indian Four. This Aristocrat of motorcycles emerges from the Indian plant with many improvements and new features.” Those modifications included a revised intake manifold, wider fins on the cylinders, new pistons, and altered first and second gear transmission ratios, allowing for quicker starts.

We recently profiled Gary Phelps’ 1933 Indian Four, and now present a video of Jay Leno talking about his 1933 Indian Four from the “Jay Leno’s Garage” video series. As you can see, Jay knows a lot about the fantastic pieces in his collection. To see more of Jay Leno’s collection of classic motorcycles and more, visit www.jaylenosgarage.com.

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