Eight Road-Tested Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

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The Davida Jet helmet
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Shark RSX Initial SLM
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Fulmer AFD4
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Z1R Strike
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Nolan X-1002
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AGV Dragon
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Riding safe with a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet is a good idea. Some think a do-rag is enough, and while we would strongly argue otherwise, we’re not here to preach. We gathered the motorcycle helmets featured in these eight road-tested motorcycle helmet reviews because we’d heard positive things about them (the Shark, Fulmer, Z1R and HJCs) or just thought they were neat (Davida, AGV and Nolan) — and because they’re all safer than a handkerchief:

1. We get letters wanting to know about the Davida Classic half-helmets used in some of the photos of our magazine, and, while cool, they don’t conform to any safety standards. We recommend the Davida Jet, as it integrates the finest features of the traditional open-face helmet into a modern product. Along with its DOT rating and quilted leather interior with a satin crown, it features a fiberglass shell and a goggle retainer. We also ordered a pair of Aviator Pilot T1 goggles in a chrome finish to complete the package. They really complete the look, and have a curved body and frame for wide peripheral vision. A handy carrying case is included. Price: $315.00 (helmet) and $135.00 (goggles). 

2. We ordered a Fulmer AFD4 after hearing good things about it from several sources. The lid features an EPS padded chin bar, a quick-release shield system, a plush removable/washable interior, Fulmer’s Air Channel Technology vent system, a padded D-ring retention system, adjustable chin and top vent, rear exhaust vents and it is DOT approved. Though we ordered ours in a Joust Red design, it also comes in a variety of solid colors. Price: $109.95.  

3. The Z1R Strike is an office favorite. Editor Backus and publisher Bryan Welch have been wearing theirs for over a year and have no complaints other than wind noise. It has features you’d normally find on more expensive models, including chin venting that helps prevent shield fogging, an advanced ABS/Polycarbonate alloy shell that passes DOT standards, and a venting system with two closeable forehead intakes and rear exhaust ports. Also available in Rubatone (rubberized paint) finishes. The Z1R Strike has been discontinued. Visit Z1R Helmets to view their other options.

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