Six Motorcycle Tank Bag Reviews

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Cortech’s Super 12 Liter Tank Bag
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The MotoFizz F-10
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Oxford’s 1st Time Expander Tank Bag
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Motopak's GT-Mini Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag
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Roadgear's Three-Point Compact Sport Tank Bag
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Dowco’s Rally Pack Standard Tank Bag
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Snider’s Paintguard from Aerostich
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Paint Saver Mesh from Aerostich

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1. The MotoFizz F-10 from Japan is touted as a “unique and advanced travel/tour/trip tank bag.” The tank bag’s outer material is a strong, fabric-reinforced black vinyl, and it expands from 12ltr to 17ltr. The top map window zips open to the left and right and velcros on the bottom, making it easy to lay a map in place. A small pocket up front is perfect for coins, a cell phone, pens, flashlights, and similar small items, and an even smaller pocket on top of that is great for receipts. There’s an inner pocket system for organizing valuable items, too. The bag’s hold-down magnets are moveable so you can tailor its attachment to your bike. A nicely fitted rain cover is included. Black. Price: $117.
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2. Cortech’s Super 12 Liter Tank Bag packs a lot of features into its 1,680-denier ballistic polyester construction, including a top flap internal organizer and soft Tricot lining. It also features hideaway backpack straps, reflective logos, a removable and replaceable snap map pocket, a comfortable rubberized carrying handle, a protective non-slip, non-scratch mounting base, and comes with a drawstring-closure rain cover. Price: $109.99.
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3. Roadgear, never one to shy from a bit of hyperbole, says the styling of its expandable Three-Point Compact Sport Tank Bag “keeps the height and bulk down for full-throttle slipstreaming and easier mobility.” Grand statements aside, it has a simple and effective three-point attachment system, and since it doesn’t use magnetic flaps it looks lean and clean when mounted. Although a bit light on features, it has a removable map pocket, and the bag and straps are designed to protect your expensive paint work, with closed-cell foam-backing and an anti-skid Toughtek base. Expandable from 7ltr to 10ltr, it’s available in red/black, silver/black, yellow/black, blue/black, all black, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Price: $79.90.
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4. Oxford’s 1st Time Expander Tank Bag is constructed of tough 840-denier polyester and holds nearly 28ltr when fully expanded. It’s secured by four strong magnets for a secure fit, and has an integrated shoulder strap, map pocket and backpack, along with a removable cargo pocket that converts to a hip pack. Reflective elements help improve visibility and a rain cover is included. Black. Price: $69.95.
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5. Motopak says its GT-Mini Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag is all about convenience, with a very simple and compact design to help you get from A to B without lugging around a backpack. It expands from 8ltr to 14ltr (almost twice its height) and only covers a small area of your tank. It comes in all black or black with grey striping and is made of durable, ripstop 600-denier nylon that is PVC coated for water and stain resistance. It has an ergonomic rubber carrying handle, two smaller side pockets, a detachable padded shoulder strap, a clear map or GPS pocket on top, a super strong four-magnet mounting system, and a non-slip and non-scratch rubber base. A rain cover is included. Two-year warranty. Price: $62.99.
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6. Proving there’s such a thing as low-cost luggage, Dowco’s Rally Pack Standard Tank Bag is an economical magnetic-mount tank bag perfect for general storage. Made of polyester, the bag is short on features, but given its price that’s hardly a surprise. It does have a clear map pocket and a zippered front pocket, and it comes with a protective pad. Price: $24.99.
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Paint-saving prevention

While all these tank bags come with features designed to keep them from scratching or rubbing through the paint on your bike, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re as careful about your bike’s finish as we are, we think you’ll want to try one of these paint-saving products.

Snider’s Paintguard is optically clear 7.5mil polished vinyl, and it works as a removable skin to protect your bike’s painted finish. It goes on easily and can be cut to fit wherever needed. All it takes to put it on is water and a squeegee, and you can take it off and reuse it whenever you want. Three 11in × 14in sheets (with instructions). Price: $14.
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Paint Saver Mesh is an anti-slip, padded, cut-to-fit foam-covered mesh designed to save your bike’s paint from abrasions or scratches when you’re carrying a tank bag. Even the most carefully loaded duffels and soft bags can “walk” once they’re attached, but lace this durable 3/16in-thick reinforced PVC mesh between your bags, bungees and bike bodywork and you’ll get protection and increased load security, no matter how rough the road conditions. This versatile stuff is also great as a tool drawer liner in the workshop or an anti-skid sheet on a dashboard. Black. 24in x 36in. Price: $8.
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