Winter Motorcycle Gloves

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Cortech Scarab Winter cold weather riding gloves.
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Alpinestars Storm Rider Gore-Tex winter motorcycle gloves are made of leather, insulated throughout and have added protection at the knuckles.
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Aerostich Luxury Cowhide winter riding gloves.
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Held Freezer cold weather riding gloves.
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Tour Master Winter elite cold weather riding gloves.
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Exo StormShield cold weather riding gloves.
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Firstgear Heated Carbon cold weather riding gloves.
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Held Warm n Dry cold weather riding gloves.
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Tour Master Synergy Electric cold weather riding gloves.

Don’t let cold weather keep you from riding your classic motorcycle. In this installment of Gear Driven motorcycle gear reviews, the editors tested eight pairs of winter motorcycle gloves:

1. Alpinestars Storm Rider Gore-Tex gloves feature leather construction, an insulated liner, excellent knuckle armor, and padded inserts along the palm, fingers, top of the hand and wrist for added impact protection. This is serious sport-touring gear, and while the knuckle protectors look a little goofy, they also provide peace of mind. For being a sportier cut they’re quite warm, and one of several great choices here if you’re combining an insulated glove with heated grips. Price: $179.95.

2. Cortech Scarab Winter gloves feature cowhide leather construction, goatskin palms, a waterproof and breathable HiPora fabric barrier, Thinsulate insulation, titanium/carbon knuckle, finger and wrist protection panels, a gauntlet cuff with a leather closure flap, and a soft fleece interior lining. We found these gloves to have a nice, secure, sporty fit. Though these aren’t the warmest gloves here, their relative lack of bulk provides more dexterity than some of the thicker, warmer gloves we’ve tried, and we like their armor. Price: $84.99.

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