HVCcycle Acquires Ottoco Radial Heads for 2-Strokes

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HVCcycle has acquired the Ottoco radial head business. All the remaining stock of heads are now on the shelf at HVCcycle and available for sale. We currently have the RD400 DG replica heads in stock and the RD400 Performance Heads with the Scott Clough Racing (SCR) combustion chamber. The RD350/R5 heads are currently in production, it will be a good 30 to 60 days before we have the 350 heads in stock as we just started working with our local machine shop to turn the large slabs of aluminum into beautiful cylinder heads.

DG Replica Heads $550.00

• Just what it says, a replica of the DG head of the ’70s but looks a lot cleaner.
• Gold anodized and a great way to add stylish looks to your RD.

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