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100 Years of Brough Superior

1934 Brough Superior 8/75 SS100 Engine: 996cc air-cooled OHV 50-degree JAP V-twin, 80mm x 99mm bore and stroke, 8.5:1 compression ratio, 74hp @ 6,200rpm Top speed: 110mph, guaranteed Carburetion: Two Binks w/single remote float Transmission: Sturmey-Archer 4-speed, chain final ...

The Lost Brough Superiors of Bodmin Moor

 The horde included a 1938 SS100 (pictured) and a rare 750cc BS4. Photo by Phillip ToothBonhams Auctions motoring specialist Jonathan Vickers first heard the legend of the lost Brough Superiors of Bodmin Moor about 20 years ago, but like many others he thought that it was just an urban ...

Unrestored Brough Superior Motorcycles to be Offered at Bonhams Sale

The ex-Hubert Chantrey Brough Superior 750cc BS4. Estimate £80,000-120,000. Photo courtesy Bonhams.They were believed to have been destroyed, but earlier this year, eight long-lost Brough Superior Motorcycles were discovered in a Cornish village.Unveiled for the first time in more than 50 ...

The Ace: Dime City Cycles Builds a Modern Triton

The latest build from Dime City Café, The Ace, built to commemorate the Ace Cafe’s expansion to the U.S.In case you hadn’t heard, London’s iconic Ace Cafe is coming to America. The U.S. arm of the fabled motorcycling eatery is being spearheaded by American entrepreneur and motorcycle ...

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