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Future Shock: Hyperpro 360, Ikon 3610 and YSS MZ366

BMW K75 shocks Some enthusiasts might scoff at the notion of including BMW’s 1985-1995 K75 triple in a classic motorcycle magazine, but the truth is, it has become something of a classic, and rightly so. Introduced for the 1985 model year, the K75 was a smaller version of the revolutionary ...

Albion Shock Absorbers by Ikon Suspension

Old age is not always a good thing. Take the shocks on your '77 Suzuki GS750 or '68 Triumph Bonneville. They might look OK, but even when they were new, the shocks on many of our favorite vintage bikes were considered junk right out of the box, with period testers peeving over poor performance ...

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