Harley-Davidson Sprint SX350

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The Harley-Davidson Sprint SX350.
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Ducati 350 Scrambler.
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1968-1973 Honda CL350.

Harley-Davidson Sprint SX350
Claimed power: 25hp @ 7,000rpm (1971)
Top speed: 90mph
Engine: 344cc air-cooled OHV horizontal single
Weight (dry): 312lb
Price then/now: $870 (1971)/$2,400-$4,500

It’s a simple and time-honored recipe. Take a
street-standard motorcycle, fit trail-type tires, scrambles handlebars and a
high-level exhaust system, and — hey, presto! — your road bike becomes a
mud-plugging enduro or desert-dueler. Of course, most street scramblers weren’t

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