Bob Wakeman’s BMW /2 Conversion

Reader Contribution by Doug Wakeman
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Bob Wakeman’s BMW Slash 2 conversion uses the drivetrain from a 1980s R65.Photo courtesy Doug Wakeman

Rider: Bob Wakeman, Placerville, California
Retired mechanic/machinist
Current rides:
1984 BMW R80ST, 1981 BMW R65, 1954 BMW R67/3, BMW R65 conversion, 1981 BMW R100RT sidecar rig  

Reader Doug Wakeman sent us this letter, along with the photo of his father, Bob Wakeman: “I thought you might enjoy this picture of my 86-year-old father and his newest project, a BMW /2 conversion with a 1980s BMW R65 drivetrain. Dad calls it an R65S. My cousin Mike, who does custom motorcycle painting, mainly on Harley baggers, did the paint. The front brake is from a friend that races AHRMA. Dad also has a 1981 BMW R100RT sidecar rig that was built by a Dutch company using the RT drivetrain. Dad’s stated goal is to spend our inheritance so there is nothing left to fight over. I think he’s doing a good job of it! Some of his other projects include a full restoration of my 1966 BMW R69S, an R65-based café bike, returning the R65 back to his main touring bike, drivetrain restorations on his R80ST and his (now my) R100RS, along with restoring his R67/3.”

Keep up the good work, Bob, and thanks for the letter, Doug. MC

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