Münch Mammoth Creator Friedel Münch Dies at Age 87

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff
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Friedel Munch on a fuel-injected Munch Mammoth TTS-E sometime in the early 1970s. Photo courtesy Otto Hoffman.

Friedel Münch, the creative genius behind the iconic and evocative Münch Mammoth, passed away April 26, 2014, after a lengthy illness. Born in Dorn-Assenheim, Germany, on February 6, 1927, Münch’s love of motorcycles led him to work with Horex motorcycles. When Horex ceased production in the late 1950s, Münch started building his own Horex-based specials. His most famous creation, the Münch Mammoth – Mammut in German – utilized a 996cc 4-cylinder air-cooled overhead cam NSU engine originally designed for the NSU Prinz car. Considered outrageous in their day, surviving Münch Mammoths are today highly collectible.

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