Special 40th Anniversary R90S Celebration

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The 40th Anniversary R90S Celebration, June 19-22, 2014, is primarily for BMW R90S enthusiasts/owners/riders and will give them preference. Much is planned including a tech session by long time BMW mechanic Karl Myers, a “Covered Bridges of Bucks County” tour, special guest speakers, professional photo and autograph sessions, DVD documentary to be produced and made available by filmmaker Chad Strohmayer, cloisonné commemorative pins and commemorative posters designed by highly acclaimed artist/illustrator John Ritter. Friday and Saturday catered dinners, door prizes, special awards and live music.

Held in rural, historic and beautiful Buckingham, Pa., and hosted by vintage enthusiast, collector and curator, Tony Karas. His wonderful Barn Museum containing vintage motorbikes and motorcars will be on display and serve as a nice backdrop for this event.

Plenty of room for camping with grass and shade along with rest and shower facilities. A list of nearby hotels, motels, lodges and bed & breakfast locations will be made available. Complimentary and custom blended coffee brewing around the clock.

Special Guest Speakers include:

  • The well renown designer responsible for creating the bodywork on the R90S, Hans A. Muth will be joining us from his home in Germany. BMW asked Hans to create a machine with a unique presence far removed from the staid image offered by previous offerings, such as the R69S. We all agree, much more was accomplished as sales of the R90S skyrocketed. Hans later went on to design the R100RS, RT, R65, R65LS, R80GS, K1 and the Suzuki Katana. There is no disputing, Han’s award winning efforts have stood the test of time and have become true classics and highly collectable among riding enthusiasts around the world.
  • The highly talented Superbike builder and tuner Udo Gietl has agreed to attend and will be riding one of the back-up and highly modified R90S racing machines with him. It was through Udo’s many hours of hard work and efforts that led to the extremely successful Superbike Championship in 1976. Udo started his career as an electrical engineer working for the NASA Space Program and Polaris Submarines before accepting a position with BMW importer, Butler Smith. After much success with motorbike racing, Udo later went on to enjoy years of successful sailboat racing. Udo, as you can imagine, has plenty of colorful stories with which to entertain the crowd.
  • Three time AMA Superbike Champion Reg Pridmore will also be joining us. Reg was born in London, England and later moved to southern California to pursue a career in motorbike racing. He was the Superbike Champion in 1976 on a modified R90S and was recently named to the top ten list of all time Superbike Champions and is in the AMA Hall of Fame. Reg is still active and travels around the country teaching better street riding techniques with his CLASS Motorcycle Schools. Reg is also an aviator and enjoys flying with his wife Gigi when time allows.
  • Robert A. Lutz, Executive Vice President of global sales and marketing at BMW in Munich, Germany from 1971-74 has been contacted and has offered to produce a DVD presentation for our group, covering his involvement in the R90S program. We all know, if not for his efforts and commitment, the R90S program would never had got off the ground. Bob has had an incredible career with many worthwhile accomplishments, not only with BMW Motorrad, but also in the automotive field with Ford, Chrysler & GM. He also served as a jet-attack aviator in the United States Marine Corps from 1954 to 1965 and attained the rank of captain. Lutz was born on Feb. 12, 1932, in Zurich, Switzerland.
While Bob certainly has had an illustrious career full of many achievements but he is also a serious car enthusiast with a very interesting collection of vehicles. The cars run the gamut from Cunningham coupes to a Monteverdi. Sprinkle another assortment of interesting cars, motorbikes and a couple of jet fighters and you have some serious horsepower in the Lutz stable.

At the moment we have owners/riders attending from all corners of the United States and Canada as well as England, France, Switzerland, Germany & Australia, so please make your plans soon before it’s too late.

For more information, contact Todd Trumbore at motorrader@verizon.net

Happy Motoring!

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