1957 Bianchi Tonale 175

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<h2>1957 Bianchi Tonale 175</h2>
<strong>Country:</strong> Italy<br />
<strong>Engine:</strong> Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke<br />
<strong>Ignition:</strong> Battery and coil<br />
<strong>Power Rating:</strong> 8bhp @ 6,100rpm<br />
<strong>Bore x Stroke:</strong> 60mm x 62mm<br />
<strong>Displacement:</strong> 174cc<br />
<strong>Valves:</strong> Overhead, pushrod activated<br />
<strong>Fuel System:</strong> Single Dell&rsquo;Orto 20mm carburetor<br />
<strong>Transmission:</strong> 4-speed<br />
<strong>Suspension:</strong> Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock<br />
<strong>Brakes:</strong> Front and rear drum<br />
<strong>Weight:</strong> 255lb<br />
<strong>Top Speed:</strong> 65mph</p>
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<p>Bianchi started manufacturing &ldquo;Bone-Shaker&rdquo; bicycles in 1885, making them one of the earliest, if not the first Italian company involved in this new industry. They went on to produce a variety of vehicles, including trucks, buses, bicycles, military vehicles, scooters, etc. The Tonale was Bianchi’s premier model in 1957, with modified versions were very successful in motocross. In the late Sixties the company sold some of their interests and now only the bicycle division exists.</p>
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