1965 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

1965 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

Country: Italy
Engine: Air-cooled single cylinder four stroke
Ignition: Battery and coil
Power Rating: 8bhp @ 7,500rpm
Bore x Stroke: 62 x 52mm
Displacement: 156cc
Valves: Single overhead cam, shaft and bevel driven
Fuel System: Single Dell’Orto 22mm carburetor
Transmission: Four speed
Suspension: Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock
Brakes: Front and rear drum
Weight: 245lb
Top Speed: 65mph

To try to compete with Honda’s new CB/CL 160 models, Ducati enlarged the motor on their existing 125 to 160cc. Using the “Monza” name implied that this model was a smaller, junior, version of their popular 250cc sports model.

Published on Dec 28, 2011
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