1957 Showa Cruiser

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<h2>1957 Showa Cruiser</h2>
<strong>Country:</strong> Japan<br />
<strong>Engine:</strong> Air-cooled, single-cylinder 2-stroke<br />
<strong>Ignition:</strong> Battery and coil<br />
<strong>Power Rating:</strong> 10hp @ 5,500rpm<br />
<strong>Bore x Stroke:</strong> 66mm x 72mm<br />
<strong>Displacement:</strong> 246cc<br />
<strong>Fuel System:</strong> Single Amal carburetor<br />
<strong>Transmission:</strong> 4-speed<br />
<strong>Suspension:</strong> Front leading link fork, twin shock rear<br />
<strong>Brakes:</strong> Front and rear drum<br />
<strong>Weight:</strong> 330lb<br />
<strong>Top Speed:</strong> 62mph</p>
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<p>Showa motorcycles are extremely rare; this machine was shipped back to San Diego in the 1960s by a serviceman stationed in Japan. General design and styling borrowed heavily from contemporary German machines. Today, Showa is better known as a manufacturer of high quality suspension components.</p>
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