No Garage? The CycleShell Provides Maximum Outdoor Protection for Your Bike

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Boulder, Colorado-based Omnitrend, Inc. is the manufacturer of the CycleShell®, a collapsible shelter designed for outdoor motorcycle protection and storage.  Motorcycle owners have found that the CycleShell® enclosure is a practical way to provide maximum outdoor protection for their bikes. The CycleShell® enclosure requires no assembly, opens and closes in seconds, and can easily be moved to different locations.

The CycleShell® consists of a two-piece, molded platform with an attached cover that fully encloses the motorcycle.  Cover supports made of aluminum tubing and coil rods ensure that the cover does not touch the motorcycle.  Opened, the CycleShell® footprint is 10 feet by 45 inches.  The CycleShell® weighs approximately 72 pounds and, when collapsed for moving or storing, is only 5 inches thick.  A number of other unique features are standard on the CycleShell®:

  • aluminum plating at the centerstand and kickstand areas on the platform
  • 100% marine fabric that is waterproof, UV protected, and petroleum resistant
  • two ventilation panels to control moisture and heat dispersion
  • tie down points, anchoring stakes, and locking options

“Conventional motorcycle covers never worked. I wanted a portable garage that required no assembly and could be used or moved anywhere.” said Mark Cooper, inventor and patent holder of the CycleShell®.

The CycleShell® is available for purchase directly from Omnitrend, Inc. Three sizes–priced at $325, $375, and $425 plus shipping–fit sport, cruiser and touring motorcycles, respectively.   

Omnitrend, Inc. is in its fifteenth year of production of the CycleShell® enclosure.  Each CycleShell® sold by Omnitrend, Inc. comes with a satisfaction guarantee and one-year warranty.  Sales are steadily growing, fueled by consumer enthusiasm and product satisfaction.

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