Alomar rider’s jacket transforms into a backpack for your gear

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New Alomar Jacket transforms from a fully armored riding jacket to a useful backpack to carry all your gear.

Here’s an interesting product for motorcyclists; a fully armored riding jacket with a special pocket to hold your laptop that, once you get to your destination, transforms into a backpack to carry your riding gear and your laptop computer. Just as intriguing as the product is its online launch on Fundable, a “crowdfunding” site designed to help capitalize startups by generating paid product orders from early adopters of new technology.

Motorcyclist Will Schroter, founder and CEO of Fundable, alerted us to the product and provided the following information:

Gone are the days of sacrificing safety for convenience. Now, motorcyclists can have it all.

The Alomar jacket transforms into a fully functional backpack to carry helmets, riding gear, and valuables in seconds. Now, riders can stay safe on the road and not worry about their gear being stolen once parked.

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