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This static wheel balancer is the perfect solution for balancing virtually any motorcycle tire up to 10″ wide x 28″ in diameter. To use, simply slide the wheel rod through the center of the motorcycle wheel, move the steel centering cones in place, and tighten the allen set screws. If the wheel is out of balance, the heavy side will roll to the bottom. Add or remove weights to counter balance the wheel and you are now ready to go. Features include 2-position support arms, dual smooth rolling bearings, adjustable leveling feet, and all steel construction with powder-coat finish. Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Balancer BW-WB-03 is a great addition to any shop or garage for quick and convenient static wheel balancing. A motorcycle wheel measuring up to 10″ wide by 28″ diameter is mounted to the stand with a 7/16″ polished solid steel axle. The axle rests ondual smooth rolling bearingson each side allowing the wheel to be finely balanced between two support arms. Center a motorcycle wheel on the axle with the steel centering cones and let gravity guide the way. The heaviest part of the wheel is drawn to the bottom and included weights can be placed along the rim to balance the wheel statically. A wheel will not rotate on the balancer once its weight is perfectly balanced. Package includes 30g of peel and sticklead-free steel wheel balancer weightsto get started! The support stand also features (4) 1/4″ to 3/4″ adjustableleveling feetfor use on slightly uneven surfaces. Balances tires for Harleys, cruiser bikes, road bikes, sport bikes, MX dirt bikes and other motorcycles. All steel construction with a smooth black powder-coat finish for long lasting durability. Includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty.Price: $49.99

View the BW-WB-03 on the Discount website at or call 888-651-3431.

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