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Green Light Triggers Finally Solves Traffic Sensors

Green Light Triggers


It’s late at night and the streets are all but deserted. You’re sitting at an empty intersection, no cars in sight, and the traffic signal just won’t turn green. If you’re lucky, a full-size car will come and free you from this purgatory, but otherwise, your only recourse may be to break the law and run the red light.

We’d tell you to imagine it, but if you ride your bike in a city, you probably know this story all too well. Your motorcycle is too small and light to register on the traffic sensors embedded in the pavement.

The founders of Green Light Triggers experienced this problem first hand and wanted to fix it. “I’ve ridden Harleys for years and have sat through my share of red lights,” said Green Light Triggers President Matt Troy, “I knew I wasn’t alone and I knew there had to be a solution. When I came across one with potential, I rode with it.” After securing two U.S. patents and perfecting the GLT 1.0 device, Green Light Triggers unveiled the redesigned GLT 2.0 in 2019. To celebrate, they’re offering Motorcycle Classics readers 15% off their first order. Just use the code GLT15 at checkout.

How does it work?

Traditional traffic sensors rely on the large metal mass of full-size cars and trucks to detect when traffic is waiting. Many motorcycles, though, lack the required mass for the sensors to detect them, leading to the all too common waiting game riders get stuck playing.

Attaching to your bike’s undercarriage, the GLT 2.0 uses two powerful neodymium magnets secured in custom designed, low profile molded chassis to create eddy currents in the inductive loop traffic sensors beneath the street. The currents, in turn, trigger the sensor to turn the light from red to green.

The GLT 2.0 is a comprehensive redesign and sports several key improvements to its predecessor. First, it boasts 3x the magnetic strength of the GLT 1.0, allowing it to trigger sensors buried even deeper. It also sports a sleek new design and attachment functionality, so it can work on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic frames.

In fact, Green Light Triggers is so confident in their redesign, they gave it a 100% moneyback guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your device, simply return it for a full refund.

Is it Legal?

Short answer: yes. “A lot of riders ask us if the GLT 2.0 is legal,” said Troy. “Usually, they’re worried that we use the same technology as emergency vehicles, but users can breathe easy. Our technology is completely different, and completely legal.”

The long answer is a little more involved. Emergency vehicles use mobile infrared transmitters (MIRT) to change traffic signals. MIRT devices are 12-volt-powered strobe lights that can send signals from more than 1,500 feet away. When a sensor on a traffic light detects these signals, it immediately switches from red to green. MIRT devices are highly regulated and illegal for civilians.

GLT 2.0 interacts with completely different sensors, buried deep in the pavement. These sensors exist to detect idle traffic at intersections, and triggering them starts the normal light cycle, rather than an immediate switch like MIRT devices cause. The GLT 2.0 simply helps these sensors work as intended.

So ride on. You’ve got the green light.

Enter GLT15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase. 

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