6 Great Everyday Gloves for Riding

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The Ballistic 7.0 gloves from Joe Rocket.
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Custom Midweight Gloves from Tour Master.
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Ordeal gloves from River Road.
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Steve Classic gloves from Held.
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Deerskin gloves from Aerostich.
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Cordero gloves from Corazzo.

1. Tour Master’s Custom Midweight Gloves are a lined, classic-style leather glove. Made of soft yet strong goat skin, the fingers are pre-curved and stitched in a box-shape for comfort, and the palms have double-reinforced, padded leather panels for longer wear life and reduced vibration. The gloves slip on easily and have an elastic cuff secured with a Velcro strap. Inside is a soft brushed fleece interior lining along with light foam insulation to keep hands warm in cooler temperatures, making these a great spring and fall glove. Available in black. Price: $49.99.

2. New from River Road are another middleweight touring glove called the Ordeal glove. These textile gloves feature internal armored knuckles and TouchTec leather palms and fingers, with double-layered leather in the palms. TouchTec leather is specifically designed to work with your smartphone, tablet, GPS and other devices with touch screens. No more taking off your gloves to check directions or answer your phone when you’re stopped! Inside is a soft fleece lining, and a Velcro closure on the bottom of the wrist keeps things snug and dry. Available in black. Price: $69.95.

3. The latest in do-it-all gloves from Joe Rocket are the Ballistic 7.0 Waterproof gloves. The top of the glove is made of Rock Tex 330, with a waterproof Hipora midliner inside. The palms feature a slip-resistant material and the knuckles feature high-density padding. Although these gloves aren’t insulated, they’re warm enough to be an ideal everyday glove in spring and fall. They’re comfortable up to about 85 F, but above that you’ll want to be wearing a pair of ventilated summer gloves, anyway. There’s a terry knit panel on both thumbs for wiping rain and bugs off your shield, and the gauntlets are Velcro-adjustable. These are a soft, comfortable, easy-wearing glove that allow maximum dexterity and require no break-in. Available in black. Price: $49.99.

4. We’ve featured Aerostich’s Elkskin Roper gloves in the past, and for this review we were curious to try out a pair of the company’s Deerskin gloves (see Image Gallery). We also got a brand new pair of Elkskin Ropers to compare the two back-to-back. What did we discover? The medium-weight Deerskin is slightly thinner than the Elkskin, and the Deerskin gloves have a bit of elastic at the cuff instead of the snap closure on the Elkskin gloves. Otherwise, they’re both of a similar cut. Good stuff on both counts, but we still prefer the Elkskin Ropers for their added protection and lovely construction. The Elkskins are also available in insulated, gauntlet and touch-screen versions, but we prefer the plain-Jane Elkskin Ropers in the “natural” (tan) color. Interestingly, the new tan pair we got feels softer and more comfortable than a pair of black-dyed Elkskin Ropers we’ve put nearly 20,000 miles on. Made in the USA. Price: $47 (Deerskin), $49 (Elkskin).

5. Simple and with great old school looks, Corazzo’s Cordero gloves are 100 percent leather, unlined, and feature a leather pull-tight cord (hence the “Cordero” name) for adjusting the fit of the gloves at the wrist. Comfortable from day one, these gloves feature a double-thick leather pad across the palm for long-ride comfort, along with an internal nylon pad across the top of the hand to increase their abrasion resistance. Available in black and tan. Price: $39.

6. Willing to spend a bit more for a serious pair of everyday gloves? The nicest pair here is also the priciest pair, but boy are they sharp. The Steve Classic gloves from Held feature a highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather palm, along with Pittards specially treated WR100 leather on the back of the gloves. Pittards leather is water-resistant and specially designed for comfort and long wear. The palms are unlined, giving you lots of feel for what the bars are doing, while there’s a soft lining on the inside top of the glove. A special shock-absorbing foam on the back of the hand and the ball of the thumb add comfort, and a visor-wipe on the forefinger of the left glove helps keep your visor clean in the rain. The Steve Classic is available in standard sizes, short finger sizes and long finger sizes. If you’ve ever had problems finding a pair of gloves that fit both the length of your fingers and the thickness of your hands, these may be the gloves for you. Available in black/gray (shown). See Held’s website for more information on sizing. Price: $169.99.

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