Geomax MX33 Tires by Dunlop

The newest tire from Dunlop, the Geomax MX33, was designed for soft to intermediate terrain but can hold its own in all kinds of conditions.

Reader Contribution by John L. Stein
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courtesy by Dunlop

Dunlop has won more American pro motocross titles than any other tire, and the Buffalo, New York, based U.S. division keeps moving forward with new designs to stay ahead. The latest is the Geomax MX33. Available for rim sizes from 10 to 21 inches, they are intended for soft to intermediate (e.g., sandy, loamy or muddy) terrain and are sized to fit everything from minis to top-tier 450s. Anticipating rainy weather and sandy Arizona soil, we fitted MX33s to the wheelsets of both the Yamaha 125 and OSSA 250 prior to heading to the AHRMA national. The tires are improved throughout, from the carcass to sidewall, and from the “block in a block” knob design to the rubber compound to maximize grip, stability and shock absorption. In practice I experimented with 12.5psi on both ends, then dropped the pressure to 11psi for the races. The tires hooked up nicely early in the day when the track still had standing muddy sections, through the ruts and braking bumps that formed midday, and even on the sketchy hard-pack that developed as the motos wore on. Takeaway: Although the Geomax MX33 tire is an intermediate- and soft-terrain tire, it performed unequivocally in the wide ranging conditions we experienced. $46 to $150.

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