HJC Sy-Max III Modular Helmets Available This Fall

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From Competition Accessories: The HJC Sy-Max II Helmet has been one of the best selling modular helmets in recent years, and for good reason.  Now, HJC has announced the successor to the popular helmet, the HJC Sy Max III.  The new Sy Max III comes complete with all of the features that we loved about the II, along with some nice improvements as well.  Following their latest trend, the new HJC Sy-Max 3 helmet now comes Bluetooth ready.  A detachable panel on the left side of the helmet is made specifically to fit the Chatterbox XBi2-H, the same unit that is already available for use with the IS-Max BT and CL-Max II helmets.  The Xbi2-H clips nicely into the left side of the helmet, and recesses for the speakers and wire routing make for a nice, clean installation. 

So what does the HJC Sy Max 3 do better than its little brother the IS-Max BT?  Firstly, the Sy-Max III has an Advanced Fiberglass Spectra Composite Weave Shell, whereas the IS-Max is Polycarbonate.  This translates into a stiffer, more lightweight shell, both important factors when considering a modular helmet.  The Sy-Max 2 also had this shell though, so what else has HJC improved besides the Chatterbox compatibility?  The HJC Sy-Max 3 still contains the much loved, HJ-V5 internal sun-shield, which is easily deployed and retracted while riding – allowing you to adjust to lighting conditions on the fly.  The HJC Sy Max III also uses the HJ-17 faceshield, however, the helmet will now ship with a Pinlock ready clear shield, so you can easily add a Pinlock insert to combat fog.  The Pinlock insert installs on the inside of the shield between the two posts that are present on the new Sy-Max III’s faceshield, effectively eliminating any fogging issues.  This is obviously a very welcome feature for anyone, but especially the touring rider or commuter who is riding through all sorts of weather conditions.  Lastly, hot weather comfort should be improved with the Sy-Max III.  The ventilation on the HJC SyMax III has been updated, with internal channeling you receive full front to back airflow.  The interior is lined with HJC’s SilverCool fabric.  This material is moisture wicking and anti-bacterial, and is fully removable and washable as well.

We are excited to see this new addition to the HJC lineup, as the Sy-Max II was in our eyes one of the nicer modular helmets available at this price point.Now, with the HJC Sy-Max III, there is even more reason to go for this model. These helmets are becoming available this fall, but you can pre-order your HJC Sy-Max III Helmet at Competition Accessories today!

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