Icon 1000 Navigator Portfolio — Vintage Styling, Modern Function

Reader Contribution by Gary Ilminen
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Whether you ride a true classic or a modern retro, it’s always good to have a place to stow registration or other documents and some of those tool items you just can’t fit in your pockets. Simply dumping those things in the saddlebags or tail bag will soon have the documents ground to pulp and the tools buried helter-skelter in the bottom.

Through the courtesy of Burn Out Italy, we had the chance to take a look at a uniquely suited solution for the classic motorcycle rider. It is the Icon 1000 Navigator Portfolio.

The Navigator Portfolio has a distinctively classic look and feel to it, fashioned of genuine oiled Nissan leather, olive-colored canvas and equipped with metal strap hardware, badging and utility D-rings. With double-stitched seams in key areas, robust metal hardware, genuine leather and heavy canvas materials in use, the Navigator appears durable as well as stylish.

Of course, it isn’t merely a fashion statement; the Navigator has 11 interior pockets, an interior utility strap and a large exterior pocket.  Leather closure straps work with uniquely designed metal buckles to keep things snug inside — but there is no pretense as to it being waterproof or dust resistant.

The Navigator measures 21.5cm (8.5in) x 15cm (5.9in) closed and opens to 44cm (17.3in) x 15cm (5.9in). Closed thickness will vary depending on how much goes in, but our example had a closed thickness of about 2 inches when loaded with the items we chose.

Pricing is per EU and non-EU destinations — see the product listing on the Burn Out Italy website for latest pricing data.

For more information on it, check out: http://www.burnoutitaly.com/motorcycle-accessories/luggage-tank-bags or http://www.burnoutitaly.com/icon.

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