12 Last-Minute Motorcycle Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas

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A limited-edition reproduction of the 1926 Milwaukee State Fair National Motorcycle poster from the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.
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A t-shirt and mug from the renowned Ace Café in London.
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Metro’s Air Force Blaster will help you get standing water out of tight places.
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You'll find audio of bygone races and interviews with racing stars of the past on "The Superior Sound Of Classic Racing Bikes."
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The MAT from Aerostich enables you to turn a bike 180 degrees in the space of its own length.
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Folded Autumn Riders shirt stamped with a Norton Commander motorcycle.
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Scale model of Harley-Davidson's first panhead motorcycle.
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The History of Motorcycle Design Through a Collection of Patents chronicles the innovations that drove motorcycle design over time.
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Kevlar-lined Draggin Jeans will keep you protected for when you ride without leathers.
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Working model of a Honda CB750 SOHC engine from Aerostich.
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"By the Horns," a sculpture by Jeff Decker.
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Print of a Ducati engine from Daniel Peirce’s Up-N-Smoke Engine Project.
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Our European People’s Choice Concours d’Elegance plaque from the 2006 Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Ala. Image by Daniel Pierce.

Finishing up your Christmas shopping at the last minute, yet again? Here are 12 original motorcycle gift ideas for the motorcyclist on your list.

Top Pick: Up-N-Smoke Engine Project Prints

We’re suckers for breathtaking photos, and Daniel Peirce’s collection of motorcycle engine photographs pushes all of our buttons. It features many of the greats, including everything from a beautiful Vincent Black Shadow V-twin to a sandcast Honda CB750. There’s even a Pierce and an Ariel Square Four, with more to be added in the future.

In fact, we’re such fans of Daniels’ aesthetics that we talked him into putting together the image for the plaques (above) for our European People’s Choice Concours d’Elegance at the 2006 Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Ala. And just in case our recommendation isn’t enough, consider this: Even the folks at the Barber Motorsports Museum respect his work, as his prints are but a few of the pieces of art for sale in the gift shop there.

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