Motorcycle Leather Dressing by Pecard

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Pecard’s Motorcycle Leather Dressing. Photo by Landon Hall

Pecard leather dressing

The mark of a favorite piece of gear around here is when it gets used year after year, even with newer options around. I’ve had this Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 perforated leather jacket since August 2006, and it immediately turned into a favorite, becoming my go-to jacket anytime temperatures were above 65 F or so, which means I’ve been wearing it for the bulk of my yearly riding.

I haven’t given this jacket much care: It’s been wiped down with a wet cloth five or six times in its life, but that’s it. The Sonic 2.0 is made from drum-dyed cowhide, and while the finish on the leather held up and looked sharp for five years or so, after 11 years it was beyond due for some attention.

My jacket had some wear spots on the leather, a brown shade showing underneath. To restore it, I started with Pecard’s Motorcycle Black Weatherproof Dressing, which, they say, “contains a small amount of black tint” to cover up abrasions. After lightly cleaning the leather with a damp cloth, I applied the dressing using a soft, dry cloth, working it into the leather. The dressing did wonders. Not only did it re-dye the rough edges and worn cuffs, it restored the sun-faded jacket to an even coloring again. As a further bonus, it also moisturized the leather, making it softer and suppler.

After letting the jacket “dry,” the dressing soaked in nicely. I figured it could use one more coat, so for round two I used Pecard’s standard Motorcycle Leather Dressing, applying it outside and in the sun on a 65 F day, letting the leather warm up and really soak in the dressing. I put on a heavy coating, and then hung it inside to soak in for a few more days. As the photos show, the difference between “before” and “after” is night and day, with my favorite jacket returned to its former glory — only better. $7 each (4 oz). — Landon Hall

Before photo of Editor Hall’s jacket. Photo by Landon Hall


After photo of Editor Hall’s jacket. Photo by Landon Hall


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