Motorcycle Leather Gear Care

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Pecard motorcycle leather care.
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Risk Racing Light-Mine
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Fly-N-Cycle digital dog tags.
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EZ Touring Motorcycle Half Cover
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Erickson Re-tractable Motorcycle Tie Downs.
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Luster Lace motorcycle polish

Pecard Motorcycle Leather Care

Motorcycle leather apparel is the classic choice for vintage motorcycle riders, and like anything, maintenance is key to enjoying leather’s benefits. This kit from Pecard makes it easy to give leather the three things it needs: conditioning, waterproofing and protective gloss. We used the kit to freshen up an old pair of boots and it worked beautifully. Pecard guarantees their product to work on any motorcycle leather apparel and accessories including boots, jackets, saddlebags and seats. Kit, $20. More info:

Erickson Re-tractable Motorcycle Tie Downs

Say goodbye to tangled motorcycle tie down straps. The Erickson Re-Tractable tie down motorcycle strap won the Retailer’s Choice Award at the National Hardware Show and it’s easy to see why. The excess strap automatically rewinds in the center housing, keeping the strap neat, clean and tangle free. As a bonus, the patented ratcheting mechanism is both secure and easy to release. This may be the next generation of motorcycle tie downs. $24.95 for two. More info:

EZ Touring Motorcycle Half Cover

Finally, a motorcycle cover you can quickly and easily use when you are out on the road. The “Traveller” half cover takes very little space in your bag and offers protection in a jiffy. Use one to keep your bike dry when stopped for a quick break or overnight. It also keeps prying eyes off your gear in good weather. Built-in bungee cords keep it secure even in heavy gusts of wind. $86. More info:

Digital Dog Tags

“I.C.E.” means “in case of emergency.” Fly-N-Cycle has the digital answers to the questions every motorcyclist needs to ask: If something happens to me while riding, how would doctors know my medical history? How would my family be contacted? This dog tag has a built in USB drive so you can enter your personal vital information via computer and keep it on the dog tag. Every family member should have one. $39.99. More info:

Risk Racing Light-Mine

It may look like a toy, but this little LED light is incredibly handy. About the size of a golf ball, it’s easy to carry in a tank bag and can be used anywhere you need a pinpoint of light, thanks to 12 individual magnets that let you position the beam at just about any point. Perfect for those unanticipated roadside repairs or just for a little extra light in tight places. $6.99. More info:

Luster Lace motorcycle polish

Now you don’t have to make a choice between spending time cleaning or riding, because you can do both with Luster Lace. Luster Lace is a special hard working metal motorcycle polish built right into strips of strong cloth. Let the Luster Lace strip work like dental floss. It’s great for all kinds of metal and super for spokes and hard to reach places. Reusable and guaranteed. Combo kit $24.95. More info:

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